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CES 2018 – Razer Showcases Project Linda, Nommo, and Mamba HyperFlux

New Razer Nommo Speaker Line

For gamers that prefer their sound to come outside of headsets, Razer has an answer for you in three different ranges of affordability. Introducing the Razer Nommo, Razer Nommo Chroma, and the Razer Nommo Pro. These Razer Nommo speakers aim to give you positional audio that surrounds you and allows you to react accurately in-game, focusing on the proper direction. The Razer Nommo, Razer Nommo Chroma, and Razer Nommo Pro each promote a sleek aesthetic look for any gaming set up. Not to mention, each tier uses intuitive designs that aim to keep that sound presentation as respectable as the amount of money you spend on it.

The Razer Nommo is a pair of speakers with custom woven glass fiber 3-inch drivers with bass ports that project bass from the rear. This allows for the Razer Nommo to produce more bass with less distortion. The Razer Nommo connects via 3.5mm jack and houses a bass control with Automatic Gain Control to help maintain that bass integrity. It comes in at $99.99. The Razer Nommo Chroma ($149.99) goes just one step further with the same features but adds in USB connectivity, an in-built digital to analog converter (DAC), and Razer Chroma lighting.

The Razer Nommo Pro is Razer’s top tier THX Certified speaker system, delivering 5.1 surround sound through Dolby Virtual Speaker technology. It uses Dupont™ Kevlar coated driver’s for handling the mids, independent silk-woven tweeters for the highs, and a cylindrical downward firing subwoofer for deep lows. By separating each of the sound ranges to individual components, the Razer Nommo Pro aims to give you the most powerful sound yet without a hint of distortion.

The Razer Nommo Pro supports connectivity through 3.5mm, USB, optical, and Bluetooth. Through Razer Synapse 3 (beta), Razer’s own customization engine, you will be able to customize and save EQ tweaks for your individual game, music and movie playing scenarios. Through Bluetooth, you’re able to connect to the Nommo Pro with your mobile device to play audio from your devices’ various media apps. There is also a Nommo Pro mobile app available for both Android and iOS, to allow for even more control options.

Here’s a quick comparison of the Razer Nommo, Razer Nommo Chroma and Razer Nommo Pro

  Nommo Nommo Chroma Nommo Pro
Hardware ·       2 x 3 inch Custom Woven Glass Fiber 3 Inch Drivers

·       Rear-firing Bass Ports


·       2 x 3 inch Custom Woven Glass Fiber 3 Inch Drivers

·       Rear-firing Bass Ports


·       2 x 3 inch Full Range Dupont™ Kevlar Coated Drivers

·       2x 0.8 inch Silk Dome Tweeters

·       1 x 6 inch Subwoofer (downward firing)

·       Control Pod

Features ·       Razer Chroma

·       Built in DAC

·       THX Certified

·       Dolby Virtual Speaker

·       Razer Chroma

Made For Gaming Features ·       Accurate Positional Audio ·       Accurate Positional Audio ·       Accurate Positional Audio

·       Independent Tweeters

Connectivity ·       3.5mm ·       3.5mm, USB ·       3.5mm, USB, Optical, Bluetooth
Price USD99.99 USD149.99 USD499.99

†Taken from Razer’s press release…

You can check out more about each of these Nommo products at Razer’s website here…

Razer Nommo

Razer Nommo Chroma

Razer Nommo Pro

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