CES 2021 Review: CLCKR Stand & Grip Case + Universal Stand

Perusing through the numerous digital booths at CES 2021, I have found interesting products here and there. One of those products interested me in how curiously practical it was. Phone stands and phone case stands can be found all over. However, not many are as thin and versatile as CLCKR. CLCKR is a stand & grip combo solution for your mobile device. CLCKR offers phone case options covering an array of phone models that extend to the latest of mobile devices, such as the various iPhone 12’s or the Samsung Galaxy S21’s. CLCKR is also available via adhesive Universal Stands, which can adhere to most mobile device and phone case surfaces.

Let us dive into deeper into CLCKR.

CLCKR Summary

CLCKR acts as a 3-in-1, giving you a grip and two stand options. It employs a one-and-done installation, in contrast to what PopSocket might foster. Surely, with a universal PopSocket grip, you can place it anywhere on the phone to achieve a phone stand in either a landscape or portrait orientation. However, you would need to remove and reattach the grip if you want to swap from one orientation to the other. You would also have to either remove the PopSocket or purchase a PopSocket-specific Qi-charging station if you wanted to charge your mobile device wirelessly.

With a single installation of CLCKR, you get both a landscape and portrait-ready stand in one. While the CLCKR Universal Stand and Grip is removable, your need to remove and reapply it to achieve different orientations goes out the window. Simply pull out the band, snap it into place, and place your phone in any manner you want.

If you want to use CLCKR as a grip, disengage all the snaps, and simply slide your hand through. The inward-facing side of the various band models feature a soft fabric skin, making using the grips smooth and comfortable. When you are done, you fold the band flat and snap it back into place. Going further, both the CLCKR Grip & Stand Case and CLCKR Universal Stand and Grip are wireless Qi-charge compatible, eliminating the need of having to remove either solution from your device. It is a simple product with a simple yet effective execution.

CLCKR Universal Stand and Grip

Coming in a nice variety of designs, the CLCKR Universal Stand and Grip is an adhesive add-on to your mobile device or phone case. Available in the price range of $14.99 and lower, the CLCKR Universal Stand and Grip sticks to hard-shell phone cases or phones with a similar texture. This add-on comes in at a modest 4.2mm of thickness, keeping your device easy to slide in and out of your pockets.

However, CLCKR FAQ’s state that its glue will struggle with silicone and fabric surfaces. Ironically enough, I tried the CLCKR Universal Stand and Grip with the Galaxy S20 5G Silicone Cover with surprising results. Not only did the CLCKR Universal Stand and Grip stick to my silicone case, but it did so in a very secure fashion. Standing my Galaxy S20 5G in either orientation posed no problem at all. I even shook my phone vigorously, holding it just by the grip, with the CLCKR Universal Stand and Grip maintaining its hold without issue.

The viewing angle for both orientations are also nice, allowing you to consume your media comfortably. I took the CLCKR Universal Stand and Grip attached to my Galaxy S20 5G Silicone Cover outdoors, as we watched the Super Bowl from my phone. The CLCKR Universal Stand and Grip stood strong as we watched the “Big Game” with some bowls of ramen. Now, I am not advocating that you ignore CLCKR warnings about using this universal stand with silicone surfaces. I had merely attached the stand to the case prior to seeing that very warning. If anything, the fact that the universal stand hangs in there as strongly as it did with my silicone case is a testament to the adhesive’s strength.

CLCKR Grip & Stand Case (for the Samsung Galaxy S20 5G)

Here, we tried out the CLCKR Grip & Stand Case for the Samsung Galaxy S20 5G. This CLCKR Grip & Stand Case is drop tested for 6.6 feet (2 meters) drops. It is a simple and sleek transparent case with a black leatherette band. With the CLCKR Grip & Stand Case, CLCKR was able to further minimize how much the CLCKR Grip & Stand protrudes from the back. When the band is retracted, it sinks cleanly into the case. This allows the case as a whole to sport a slim form factor around your phone.

The buttons for this particular case provided a lot of resistance against button-presses. However, they started to loosen up over time. In both portrait and landscape orientations, the CLCKR Grip & Stand holds strong. You can tap away on your screen without too much worry of tipping over your device. Looking to do some Xbox Cloud Gaming but lack a phone clip for your Bluetooth controller? Well, CLCKR offers you the option of just resting your phone on any surface.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking to attach the CLCKR Universal Stand and Grip directly to your phone, and not a case, CLCKR does list some of the mainstream devices that will give you trouble, here. Luckily, CLCKR’s catalogue of phone cases cover many iPhone and Samsung Galaxy models. Hopefully, if you are interested in a thin and sturdy phone stand and grip solution, CLCKR has you covered one way or another.

Outside of that, I absolutely love the CLCKR Stand and Grip products. What jumps out to me about CLCKR, is that it does not “jump out” to me. It provides a practical solution with a slim and subtle form factor. It handles both portrait and landscape viewing without issue, making it a solid movie-watching or video call solution. It then goes beyond that by doubling as a grip that makes your phone easier to use single-handedly. Not to forget, CLCKR does all of this while maintaining Qi wireless charge compatibility without having to remove the case or stand.

If you are looking for a new stand or grip solution for your mobile device, definitely check out what CLCKR has to offer by clicking here

† As usual, there are no affiliate links contained within this post. We were provided a CLCKR Universal Stand and Grip and a CLCKR Grip & Stand Case for the Samsung Galaxy S20 5G for review purposes and were not compensated for this review.