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#CES2016 | Fisher Price and LEGO Get Kids Coding

LEGO WeDo | Code | CES 2016

LEGO® Education also announced WeDo 2.0 which delivers real-world science projects to elementary classrooms.

The unique solution combines the LEGO® brick, classroom-friendly software and engaging, standards-based projects to teach elementary students essential science practices and skills. With WeDo 2.0, students explore, create and share their scientific discoveries as they build, program and modify projects. Through a series of collaborative challenges, they deeply engage with science, engineering, technology and coding, sparking a love for experimentation and investigation. Teachers receive support through training, curriculum and built-in assessment. The result: a resource that builds students’ confidence to ask questions, define problems and design their own solutions by putting scientific discovery in their hands.
‡Source: Press Release

The new WeDo core set features a programmable SmartHub, enhanced motors and sensors, as well as an all-new line up of LEGO elements.

The wireless platform includes a Bluetooth, low-energy Smarthub element; an electronic based building brick that is part of the LEGO Power Functions (LPF); a new technology platform for LEGO Education; one motor; one tilt and one motion sensor. The WeDo 2.0 Core software is an essential and easy-to-use component that is colorful, age-appropriate and has a drag-n-drop interface that is graphical in nature. It also contains a documentation tool that enables students to document their problem-solving process and provides an assessment opportunity for teachers.
‡Source: Press Release

Interested in learning more? LEGO Education WeDo 2.0 is available today on iPad, Android, PC, and Macs. Chrome Book support will be available later on in 2016. A Scratch interface for WeDo 2.0 (both web-based and stand-alone) will be available for Macs in February 2016 and for PC/Windows in June 2016.

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