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CES 2015: TYLT Highlights

International CES® 2015 was brimming with innovation. What we saw was that TYLT will continue to expand upon their sleek ENERGI line with a new sliding power case for iPhone 6. This sliding case comes with portable battery pack that you only slide on when needed. There’s no need to always have your battery pack connected to your phone anymore. Additionally, we even got a glimpse at the VÜ Wireless chargers in addition to the new BAND silicone watch band for the Moto 360.

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#QirinCon 2014 in Photos

Qirin Con is finally upon us! Qirin Con is a Japanese culture, anime, and gaming convention run entirely by Pace University students and alumni at our New York City campus on Saturday, October 18, 2014. This free, one-day convention will feature interactive and discussion-based workshops on the art, craft, and enjoyment of anime and gaming […]

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CE Week 2014: Pocket Tripod

Meet the Pocket Tripod.  Docks at a consumer electronics show are common as long as it involves a speaker, but this isn’t one of those.  It’s kind of funny since CE Week mostly features gadgets and electronics but the item that quickly became one of my favorite gadgets didn’t require power at all.  As the name […]

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SXSW: Tales from the Borderlands Announced

Enjoyed Borderlands 1 and 2 and the dark-humor surrounding the characters of Pandora? Wanted to dive deeper into the back stories into some of surreal individuals whom you may or may not have removed the faces of? Well, at SXSW, Telltale Games and Gearbox Software banded together to announce their new episodic game Tales from […]

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International American Toy Fair 2014

Are you a toy fanatic? Or at least know someone who is? Is checking out collectible toys and board games your favorite part of cons? Well then, today I bring you photos straight from the Mecca of all toys: The American International Toy Fair 2014. I spent the day just wandering throughout the halls and […]

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[Pax Prime 2013 Rewind] Behemoth Interview

During Pax Prime 2013, we got to sit and chat once again with Aaron Jungjohann, Lead Level Designer on BattleBlock Theater. We reminisced about Behemoth’s past. Celebrated Behemoth’s Ten Year Anniversary. And even speculated about Behemoth’s future. But we didn’t stop there, we were particularly interested in the company’s views towards the next-gen console restrictions and pending releases. Even […]

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Pax Prime 2013 Rewind: Kingston HyperX Stays Primed at Pax-

Kingston continues to be a main player in the stage of PC and storage components while keeping style as an integral component with their HyperX branding. They root themselves even deeper into the gaming arena with their sponsorships of headline professional gaming teams Cloud 9 HyperX and Team Solomid. The two teams did Kingston proud […]

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Cooler Master Unveils HAF Stacker at Pax Prime

Cooler Master (aka CM Storm) has been hinting that they have a big announcement to make during Pax Prime this year, but has slyly given n0 clues as to what it may be. On August 30, 2013 they unveiled the HAF Stacker series of gaming tower casings. The HAF Stacker is the first stackable mod-tower, […]

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SDCC 2013 – Xbox on the Floor

During San Diego Comic Con, we got a taste of what Xbox had to offer for the upcoming seasons in the Xbox Comic-Con Media Showcase. Titles for both the Xbox One and the 360 were on the floor to either view or play. Some titles are still in Alpha, but the majority (if not all) […]

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SDCC 2013 – The Legend of Korra: ‘Book Two: Spirits’ Airing This September

The Legend of Korra – the successor of the renowned Avatar: The Last Airbender series – aired last spring. Its unique Asian inspired steampunk universe quickly set the series’ apart of anything else that has aired; and its element bending martial arts have memorized fans from the beginning. Unfortunately, we have been left in the […]

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Evo 2013: Capcom Announces Ultra Street Fighter IV

  Just when you thought you had mastered all there was to Street Fighter IV, Capcom throws a hadouken at you. Evo 2013 has come and gone but Capcom has made sure that even the losers do not walk away empty handed. A upgraded version of the fan favorite competitive fighting game has been announced: Ultra […]

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Relive Engadget+gdgt Live in NYC through Photos

It’s not everyday that everyone is able to get a glimpse of new technology without being a member of the press. Thankfully, Engadget and gdgt were able to connect New York City technophiles with beloved brands as well as many emerging brands. It was a rare opportunity to interact directly with big brands like Sony […]