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Deathpoint “Sinister”

These dudes from Canada can rock!  Deathpoint, a melodic, metal band from the oh so fine country of Canada really know what they are doing.  Getting ready to release their sophomore album, “Sinister” on October 1st, I’m happy to report you will be pleased.

 “Sinister” is a nine song assault on your eardrums.  Heavy guitar riffs, alongside the newly announced singer Tom Emmans’ ghostly growls are the meat and potatoes of this album.  To be honest (which of course I always am) it is safe to say that if you are a fan of Killswitch Engage, Five Finger Death Punch and/or Mushroomhead you will enjoy this record.

9 Songs of pure energy that I find to be quite versatile.  If I’m in the mood to headbang, I’m more than able to here.  If I’m in the mood to scream along with the lyrics this album is for me.  Great part about it is that it is actually quite radio friendly.  Don’t be surprised if you start hearing Deathpoint more and more often on your local rock stations.  If they aren’t playing Deathpoint yet, call em up and tell them to get off their asses and make this happen.  Any track of this album can easily be taken out as a single.  “Condemned to Suffer” may be my favorite track off the album.  Channeling their inner Fear Factory, Deathpoint hits you with an all out assault on your senses.  Loud yet clean vocals, wrapped and delivered in a beautiful box with amazing percussions will get any crowd going.  “Lost Haven,” track number 8 on the record helps Deathpoint define diversity.  A perfect follow up track to “Condemned to Suffer,” it’s a much more calming feel that doesn’t lose it’s grit in the process.  This song acts as a beautiful pallet cleanser before you get to the final track on the album “Thirty Stitches.”  Picked perfectly to conclude the album, “Thirty Stitches” leaves you wanting more.  It’s like watching a movie with a cliff hanger of an ending where you know there will be a follow-up.  Although “Sinister” isn’t even out yet, it’s fair to say that I can’t wait to hear the next album from Deathpoint!

Not currently on tour, I would love to see these cats open for the like of Shadows Fall or Lamb of God.  Any national touring artist will be pleased with what Deathpoint brings to the table.

Pick up “Sinister”, by Deathpoint when it drops October 1st!

Deathpoint is…
Tom Emmans – Vocals
Tim Ross – Guitars
Henry Joldersma – Guitars
Brad Gold – Bass/Vocals
Mike Labate – Drums

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