Disney’s Wreck-It Ralph to feature a LOT of video game icons!

Disney released the first trailer for their Christmas season release this year, and while that sort of thing is not something I wouldn’t usually cover, Wreck-It Ralph  features a lot of famous and obscure video game characters.

Long story short, the movie follows Wreck-It Ralph, a bad guy who wants to be a hero after 30 years of wrecking buildings only to be beaten over and over again. It all sounds like standard Disney, which isn’t a bad thing mind you, but the stand out here is the crazy mix of actual video game characters who make their appearance throughout the movie.

I got to be honest, seeing Bowser and Dr Robotnik in a “Bad-Anon” meeting is about as zany as seeing Daffy and Donald Duck in a piano battle against each other in Who Framed Rodger Rabbit.

Check it out at MSN and see who you can spot for yourself.
I for one, am pulling for a Sam and Max cameo, and seeing as how Steve Purcell works at Pixar, I may just get my wish!

Oh, and releasing the trailer during E3… well played Disney,
Well. Played.

By Modest Law

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