The Eternal Bond

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The Ceremony of Eternal Bonding

 How it Works

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Once you and your partner have selected the plan, you will receive your Promise Wristlet via Moogle mail. You both will need to have the wristlets equipped and be in a party together with no one else to start the questline. “The Ties that Bind” questline contains a few simple quests that can be completed within an hour as long as you two do not get too distracted along the way. It will have you and your partner traveling across all corners of Eorzea to set locations in order to strengthen your bond like the great adventurers before you. While running all over the place may seem a bit tedious, it actually is a sweet idea since the concept behind it is that you are suppose to explore the world and ask the Twelve for a blessing for the two of you before becoming one. It is also through this quest that you will obtain the Flawless Band which will ultimately turn into your Eternity Ring. The band can be brought off the marketboard, traded from another player, or made by hand if you are a goldsmith. I personally made ours and during our wedding, our moogle-priest mentioned how romantic it was to have the ring forged out of love.

After completing your love journey, the fun really begins. You will gain access into the chapel where you will get to select the set up for your wedding. You will be able to preview generic cut scenes for your enterance and exit as well as the exchange of the rings themselves. Each partner will get to select their own preferences for the wedding. This includes who carries the bouquet and the color scheme for the rugs, flowers, and decorations as well as background music; though like any real wedding, you both must agree on the settings by the big day. Don’t stress over it though because you can change them up until right before the wedding starts.

Invitations can then be given out once you select a date and time for your wedding. That’s right! You make a reservation! The times for the wedding are set in blocks of about two hours a piece. This is because you are given a set duration of time to interact with your guests between cut scenes; you also have an option to not start the ceremony right a way in case you have people still trying log on because you were an idiot and scheduled the wedding the day of a new patch (which I totally didn’t…kinda do). I also want to inform anyone who is scheduling their wedding that the times Square Enix give to you are based on your real local time. Despite all patch and event notes being announced in PST, the wedding reservations are not and if it was not for a friend pointing out that their invitation time did not match our Free Company’s board announcement…My e-husband would have missed our wedding.