The Eternal Bond

The Ceremony of Eternal Bonding

Our Thoughts

Stephanie (Faye Dantes): To me, the Ceremony of Eternal Bonding was more than a way to get a big bird and pretty dress for my White Mage. It was a wonderful way to express of the special bond I share with my boyfriend. Square Enix did an amazing job at capturing the magic of what love truly is. “The Ties that Bind” questline really tries to put a unique perspective on companionship because the whole idea behind the storyline of the main quest is you live in a land that has been destroyed and trying to rebuild itself. Yet, “The Ties that Bind” emphasizes the wonder of finding something so beautiful like true love in a hopeless world. It makes you realize the struggle that exists in our real lives with trying to find someone who you connect with and helps bring to light how rewarding it is to finally find that person. Not to mention the ceremony itself feels very personal.

(In Game Screenshot)

The reservation process seems a bit over the top but I will say there is a special feeling of knowing that a set time frame has been set aside specifically for you, your partner, and your  friends. No one else is allowed into the chapel but your guests which gives it an intimate setting to share with those you have grown close to through the game. You can also always tell when a wedding is about to happen because you will see a horde of players dressed in their best heading to the church; from my experience, the community is also very supportive and it is not uncommon to have random players run up to congratulate you. Moments like that only enhance the joy you feel in expressing your love to the world. Just like how I can’t help but smile whenever people got “awww” when they see that the Dantes’ have joined the party.

 There is also something about the ceremony itself that I cannot fully explain. The way Square Enix presents “the couple” to everyone makes it feel like I really have delcared Aj as mine. The setting of the wedding feels warm and inviting while focusing heavily on you and your partner. Sure, you can see your guests in the background during the cut scenes but the camera remains on the two of you throughout almost the entire thing from the moment you make your grand enterance until you two ride off into the sunset. Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn has always impressed me with its attention to minor details. I love the fact that when you wear or glamour the Eternity Ring it displays itself on the ring finger compared to all the other in-game rings which are worn on the index finger. Square Enix made the diamond on the ring pretty big, so you can clearly see it when someone is wearing it. Facial expressions have also been something the game has done very well. You can do a variety of emotes including a smile but the way your character looks during the Ceremony of Eternal Bond is like no other expression in the game. The characters seem genuinely overjoyed to be with one another. They give each other the smile that you can only have when you gaze at the one person in the world you adore and cherish above all others.

When Faye looks up at Ryker, I can just tell she feels exactly the way I do when I look over Aj: That’s the man I want to live and die beside in Titan EX.

AJ (Ryker Dantes): Square Enix has given players something wonderful here. Whether you do it for the vanity gear, emotes, mount, or to share a special moment with your significant other, it is a fun, sentimental moment that is an absolute delight to be a part of.

There are a few things about the overall experience that stood out to me. First, being able to dye the attire with the upgraded packages was a HUGE selling point for me. Looking fly for Faye and my guests was very important to me. Having my retainer, Alfred Gillysworth, bringing me several pots of Jet Black Dye enabled me to nail the classy black suit look I wanted, replete with pocket-chain.

Second, riding off into the sunset on my enormous albino chicken with m’lady at my side never gets old. The conjoined whip isn’t just locked to your spouse, however. Any one in your party can hop in and chillax their way to your destination, useful for helping others quest or getting to a hunt destination.

Third, HOLY TYRAEL WINGS, BATMAN! Upon successfully shackling yourself with the old ball and chain, you are rewarded with 99 Prismatic Wings, which work exactly as you think. For roughly 5 seconds, your character sprouts glorious, chromatic wings that look ridiculously awesome with the right gear/glamour on. Speaking of glamours, you’d be hard pressed to find anything more adorable than partying up for duty only to find two players wearing their matching wedding garments.

I highly recommend you go through with it. Nothing says “I love you, Happy Valentine’s Day” like tying the knot, kupo!

 Screenshots courtesy of our wonderful Free Company, Time-Y Wimey. For more photos, check us out on the Lodestone.