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Time Warner Bringing Change To Boomerang, But Is It For The Better?


Time Warner has announced that newer is better, but I’m not so sure that is true.  As we all know Boomerang is a household staple on the television if you were a child born anytime between 1940 and 1990.  The biggest stars on this channel are some of our favorite cartoon characters of all time including Tom & Jerry, Scooby Doo, The Smurfs and of course Bugs Bunny.  

What is this big change you ask?  Well, Time Warner will be introducing “NEW” programming to the schedule.  Now the word “new” is an interesting one because yes, the shows will be aired for the first time; however, they are new renditions of past programs including Bugs Bunny and Scooby Doo.

Personally, I enjoy watching Boomerang because it brought me back to my childhood, a much simpler time in life.  I’m not interested in seeing Scooby and Shaggy scarf down scones at a Starbucks, nor am I excited for Bugs Bunny to be using a GPS and no longer forgetting to take a right at Albuquerque.   Will Wile E. Coyote be getting his Acme products from Amazon now?  I don’t know…and I don’t want to know.

Oh well. Goodbye childhood.  I will miss thee.

By Lil Nubi

I'm kickin it Big Willy Style in New Jersey. Recently moved up here from Virginia Beach, Va. When I'm not keeping it real with the homies or the fly hunnies and sipping on the crunk juice, I'm checking out the latest movie films, checking out live shows and catching up on my dirty literature. If you need anything just shoot me an e-mail at LilNubi@RoyalFlushMagazine.Com and I'll be sure to reply...maybe...