David Lynch’s “Crazy Clown Time” Video

Is it time for crazy clowns? Well, that depends. Is it time for a Salvador Dali mustache, flaming mohawk, football player and topless ladies all over the place? If it is time for those things, then it is Crazy Clown Time.

No, it doesn’t make senseā€”it’s David Lynch. According to davidlynch.com, his new album Crazy Clown Time is “a majestic, yet powerfully idiosyncratic vision of ‘modern blues’ that could only be drawn from the mind of David Lynch. Filled with foreboding soundscapes, hypnotic rhythms and enigmatic lyrics, this is music that will resonate not only with fans of Lynch’s films, but also to listeners who appreciate daring, experimental music.”

So is he just… fucking with us? We think yes.