Double Experience


Nerds from our great neighbors from the North can rock!  Double Experience is a lot more than a couple of gamers with instruments.  Their upcoming album goes to show that gamers really do have feelings, and they are not ashamed to talk about em!

Now, I’m fairly certain that you have never heard of them, and that’s not a bad thing.  Now you can be as surprised as I was when I gave them a listen.  Their upcoming album, 721835 which will drop August 1st, opens up the doors into the heart and souls of these crazy Canadians.

Double Experience has just finished up their first US tour, and sadly enough I was unable to see them perform.  From what I’ve seen in videos and heard from others, they put on one hell of a show.  Double Experience is about to embark on yet another UK tour.  The band themselves book their own tours, and keep themselves as far away as they can from anybody who would want to change the direction the band is going in which is quite admirable in today’s “Let’s get Rich” strategy other bands attempt.

Let’s get to the point and check this album out!


Track Listing

1.  Gambit
2.  Strange Acquaintance
3.  Horror Beyond Imagination
4.  Wolf in the Ewe
5.  Congratulations on Second Place
6.  Here’s Y
7.  Thumbsucker
8.  Destiny Chile
9.  Who the Hell?

There are two great songs from this album that stand out to me.  Let’s chat about the first one, “Who the Hell?”

“Who the Hell” demonstrates Ian’s amazing vocals and ability to carry the melody throughout the entire track.  More importantly, the song writing in impeccable.

“Hear me out;
Ridicule and insults are vessels of truth
And truth might have it’s way at your expense
But as for lies, they’re tailor made to please”

So much power enclosed in such a small package.  Sometimes we listen to music because it sounds good which is perfectly fine…but sometimes we listen to music because of the meaning and the message.  Sometimes it can be a bit foggy, sometimes it is as clear as Charlie Sheen’s rap sheet.  “Who the Hell” obviously being the latter of the two.

The other track I’m really digging is “Strange Acquaintance” which touches on a lot of personal feelings.  Battling addiction is tough for anybody who’s gone through it, or knows somebody who has.  Whether is be drugs, alcohol, beef jerky or even Super Mario Bro’s (more on this in a moment).  Listening to this track almost instantly brought to mind several people, some good and other’s not so much.  It’s a serious part of life and it affects more people than not and it’s nice that people aren’t afraid to talk about it, and to put it out there in the open.  I hate to take away the seriousness of the song, but the video for the song is killer.  It’s the World Record for beating Super Mario Bro’s the fastest.  It’s convenient that both the song, and the game both last 4:30.

Hopefully after these dudes embark on their UK Tour, they’ll bring the party back down to the states where I can challenge them to a few of my favorite games!  You can check out other videos and listen to their newest jams over at

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Until next time, keep your nose clean!