Dum Dum Girls Walk Dead on Halloween Eve

Dum Dum Girls
Dum Dum Girls

Halloween started early Thursday night. Bloody, smeared faces and gaping, flesh wounds on their body, Dee Dee, Jules, Sandy and Malia floated onstage as the undead at Brooklyn Bowl.  The Dum Dum Girls were fully zombified for Halloween Eve with guitarist Jules trickling wine down her chin for full horror effect. Dee Dee Penny was last to step on stage in nothing but a crochet crop top, black g-string and a sheer latex pencil-length skirt barely covering it all.

One of the last shows on the Dum Dums’ Too True tour, the band jumped right in to moodier tracks (and nearly all) from their latest, Too True, opening the evening with “Rimbaud Eyes,”  and pouring into “Are You Okay?” “Lost Girls and Boys Club,” “Little Minx,” “Too True to Be Good”—even throwing in “Girls Intuition,” a B-side released on “Rimbaud Eyes” single.

A half set down with one more to go, the Devil’s Night show continued on with the Dum Dum Girls playing off tracks the quartet barely perform live—re-opening with ’80s Scottish new wave duo Strawberry Switchblade’s” Trees & Flowers,” a little something from the band’s debut I Will Be (“Rest of Our Lives,” “It Only Takes One Night”) and Only in Dreams’ “Bedroom Eyes” and closer “Coming Down.”

The night’s bigger surprise came at the very end of set as the band broke into the Cranberries’ “Zombie” with Dee Dee eagerly hitting every Dolores note.

Earlier on, the Christines opened the evening with some fuzzy blitz sans costumes, while a flesh-eating Dane Amalie Bruun and Ex-Cops other half, Brian Harding, donning a polka dot moo moo and purple wig, pulled out a half-dozen dreamy pop tracks from debut True Hallucinations.

Set List

Rimbaud Eyes
Are You Okay?
Too True
In the Wake of You
Lost Girls and Boys Club
Little Minx
Under These Hands
Trouble is My Name
Girls Intuition
Trees & Flowers
Wrong Feels Right
Lord Knows
Rest of Our Lives
It Only Takes One Night
I Got Nothing
Bedroom Eyes
Coming Down

Photographs by Patrick J. Eves, Hippie Death Bed Photography