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E3 2015: Snail W3D Gaming Smartphone

  Wouldn’t it be nice if you could have a 3D-ready handheld gaming system that can access the full roster of content available to you in the Google Play store? You may like what Nintendo has done with the very popular 3D-displaying handheld, Nintendo 3DS. Perhaps you visit the Nintendo eShop often place hoping that […]

E3 E3 2015 Gaming

E3 2015 Highlight: Armello

When I was pitched the opportunity to check out a game that was Kung Fu Panda meets Game of Thrones, I was like “Do tell me more!” Armello is a swashbuckling adventure that combines RPG elements with the strategic play of card and board games, creating a personal, story-fueled experience.† During E3 2015, we got the […]

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Turtle Beach Coming in Force at E3: Ear Force

We’re not done with E3 or gaming audio just yet! At E3 2015, RFMag also visited the well-established gaming audio company, Turtle Beach. We always seem to like what we see whenever we get our hands on a Turtle Beach unit, as we did most recently with the Stealth 500X we reviewed. So we were […]

E3 E3 2015 Game Preview Gaming PC Playstation Xbox

Gearbox Showcases Battleborn at E3

    Looking for an FPS co-op experience where you can customize your character and have many options to choose from? If you liked what Gearbox did with Borderlands, then you should look into their next game, Battleborn. Battleborn is a fast-paced co-op experience giving you 25 unique characters to choose from. Not a fan […]

E3 E3 2015 Gaming PC Playstation Preview Tech Xbox

SteelSeries Console Headsets & Controller at E3

Steelseries, a headliner in gaming peripherals, has been making cross-platform peripherals for some time now. Yet, you still wouldn’t catch a lot of any of the console-oriented units in a Best Buy, Target or Gamestop, for example. Online on the web was the way to go to get your hands on Steelseries gear. That’s about […]

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Mighty No. 9 showcased at E3

  The next Mega Man-esque game to come out for the current gen systems doesn’t necessarily have to be Mega Man! At E3 2015, RFMag got some hands on time with Mighty No. 9, a new title developed by Comcept, with involvement of Inti Creates, published by Deep Silver, and produced by Keiji Inafune. To […]

E3 E3 2015 Tech Xbox

E3 2015: The “Halo 5: Guardians” HoloLens Experience

During E3 2015,  Microsoft hid a secret within their E3 booth. Tucked away were two massive hanger replicas each showcasing Halo 5: Guardians Multiplayer videos. Each held lines of E3 attendees patiently awaiting for the hanger doors to be opened in order to be led deeper within. As I patiently waited on line to enter one of said hangars, […]

E3 E3 2015 Gaming Playstation Preview Tech Wii Xbox

Polk Unveils Striker Pro Headsets at E3

Polk, a company with over 40 years of audio experience, tossed their hat into the arena of gaming headsets not too long ago. We liked what we saw when we reviewed the Polk 4 Shot, a headset made for the Xbox One. For those looking for a cheaper option, they released the Striker headsets soon […]

E3 E3 2015 Game Preview Gaming Xbox

Gears of War Ultimate Edition Unveiled at E3

Gears fans finally have something to look forward to – something to hold them off until the much-hyped Gears of War 4 arrives. The Xbox E3 Press Conference gave the world a look into the Xbox One exclusive remake: Gears of War: Ultimate Edition. Remastered for the Xbox One, displaying at 1080p and running at […]

E3 E3 2015 Gaming Preview Tech Xbox

ASTRO Showcases Products for Xbox One @ E3

ASTRO, makers of popular tournament-grade headsets such as the ASTRO Gaming A40 and the ASTRO Gaming A50 showed off their latest at e3 2015. On display were the: ASTRO Gaming A40 + MixAmp M80 for Xbox One ASTRO Gaming A50 Wireless System for Xbox One Standalone MixAmp M80 and AG1 A50 Connector ASTRO products have […]

E3 E3 2015 Gaming

Batman: Arkham Knight Batmobile Edition Cancelled!

The ultimate blow to a collector… Remember that  Limited Batmobile Edition of Arkham Knight that I told you about way back when?  If you jumped at the chance to preorder it at your favorite retailer, they unfortunately will have to let you know that it has been just recently cancelled. With just days left to the launch of one […]

E3 E3 2015 Nintendo

Nintendo Digital Showcase

Nintendo has again opted for a curated pre-recorded event instead of a live press event. Coming off the huge success of Splatoon and Amiibo, everyone was curious to see what Nintendo would bring to E3. They focused their info today on 2015 and early 2016 titles leaving NX, Zelda and their unannounced mobile phone strategies at the […]