E3 2016: River City Tokyo Rumble – New US Kunio-kun Game

If you grew up playing the original River City Ransom on the NES as much as I have, you just may be in for a treat. After many long years since its updated release of River City Ransom EX on the Game Boy Advance, a new River City Ransom US release is coming to the Nintendo 3DS in Summer 2016. River City Tokyo Rumble takes the American-port-named Alex and Ryan characters back to their original Japanese version roots as Kunio and Riki, respectively. The Kunio-kun series of games have been exponentially plentiful in Japan with only sprinkles of the various game releases coming to the US. So get ready for the American port of Nekketsu Kouha Kunio-Kun SP: Rantou Kyousoukyoku in the form of River City Tokyo Rumble!

All of the classic Kunio-kun / River City Ransom (RCR) tropes are there: the campy pudgy side-scrolling brawlers, cartoony physics, the use entire opponent bodies as melee weapons, and so on. You play as Kunio, a high school student that suddenly finds himself in yet another street gang war. Make money as you knock out enemies and use it in stores to buy books that teach you fancy new moves. You can enlist the help of CPU-controlled allies as you punch, kick, run and jump your way through this side-scrolling beat-em-up. If you played the NES Japanese RCR sequel, Downtown Special: Kunio-kun no Jidaigeki Dayo Zenin Shuugou or the later American River City Ransom EX, you may remember this feature.

Characters introduced from those Kunio-kun titles make their returns in cameos and boss fights, so expect to recognize some of those vintage RCR sprites. You’ll have characters to unlock as you progress through the story. Seasoned players won’t have to languish through the traditional long distance back tracking when traveling, Kunio can quick-travel to previously visited locations via train. Want to make money without getting punched in the face all the time? Odd jobs and mini quests will be available for additional money-making opportunities. With new moves and stat boosters to purchase and new hidden shops to find, there will be plenty of things to spend your money on.

As you would almost expect with a Nintendo 3DS title, there are three camera angles to finagle your 3D views through: a very wide shot, a more traditional closer one, and a new tighter more parallel view. Take a break from the main story with 4-man rumble, dodge ball, Local Play and Download Play modes.

We’re sure glad we bumped into River City Tokyo Rumble at E3 2016! We’ll be sure to keep tabs on its Summer 2016 release for the Nintendo 3DS.