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River City: Tokyo Rumble (Nintendo 3DS) Game Review

Were you ever fortunate enough to play River City Ransom in the 80’s or 90’s? In case you haven’t, River City Ransom was one of the very first action RPG brawlers released for the NES in 1989. Before that time, its developer and publisher, Technos Japan, was busy making a splash with the infamous arcade […]

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E3 2016: Alienware Showcases the Aurora, Alpha, and 13 OLED PC’s

That’s right. Given all that there is to cover at E3, we’re still not done talking about it… Of course, we had to touch on the latest in PC gaming hardware by Alienware. At E3 2016, Alienware showcased hardware geared towards various PC gaming markets: desktops, Steam Machine consoles, and laptops. Introducing the new Alienware […]

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From Loot to Console, There’s TONS of Gears of War 4 Merchandise!

We’ve been following Gears of War 4 ever since it was revealed at E3 2015. On the eve of San Diego Comic Con 2016, Xbox has detailed a plethora of amazing Gears of War merchandise! From exclusive consoles to Loot Crates, it’s definitely a great time to be a Gears fan! Now let’s dig into that merch!

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Minecraft Add-Ons Introduce Programming to Modders

Whenever I walk into a hands-off meeting during E3, I never know what to expect. Especially when running late having completely missed the overall introduction to the meeting. When I walked into an E3 demo with the Mojang developers, I was excited to see an opened text editor. This meant that we might be diving […]

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E3 2016: Plantronics Showcases New RIG Gaming Headsets

Plantronics continues to dabble in all things audio, whether it is for casual listening, business, or gaming. At E3 2016, Plantronics showcased their most current line-up of gaming headsets in the RIG 400 Series, the RIG 600 and the more recently announced, the RIG 4VR. Offering different tiers of headsets for gamers of varying needs […]

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Deep Silver unleashes Agents of Mayhem – E3 2016 Editor’s Choice

The E3 2016 coverage resumes with a hands-on first impression of a new IP from Volition—Agents of Mayhem®. Announced for the Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC, Agents of Mayhem is Volition’s latest open-world epic releasing in 2017. [The] developers behind the highly acclaimed and hugely successful Saints Row series have taken it to the next level with the […]

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E3 2016: Razer Showcases HDK 2 and Naga Hex V2

At E3 2016, Razer propped up their standardly large booth, showing all of their goodies, both new and current. E3 goers got to tinker with their latest game-themed equipment made specifically for Overwatch. Some the goodies we covered at previous conventions were also on display, such as the Razer Wildcat controller, the Razer Blade Stealth […]

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E3 2016: Turtle Beach Showcase & New Elite Pro Headset

Last year at E3, Turtle Beach showed off their headphone engineering chops by offering a very wide selection of headsets across all platforms with 3 to 4 tiers of quality and price options for each platform. That’s a LOT of options. This year at E3 2016, Turtle Beach showcased three new, more-focused products for three […]

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PDP Unveils New Products at E3 2016

PDP, Performance Designed Products LLC, showcased a bevy of exciting partnerships at E3. Let’s check out the extensive list of new products PDP will be gracing us in the second half of 2016. Their partnerships with the NFL, EA, Respawn, DICE, Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo, Energizer, and Harmonix allowed them the opportunity to create a variety of new products […]

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E3 2016: River City Tokyo Rumble – New US Kunio-kun Game

If you grew up playing the original River City Ransom on the NES as much as I have, you just may be in for a treat. After many long years since its updated release of River City Ransom EX on the Game Boy Advance, a new River City Ransom US release is coming to the […]

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E3 2016: ASTRO Showcases New A50 Wireless Gaming Headset

  There have been changes to ASTRO Gaming’s highly touted A40 gaming headset since we reviewed it. The A40 TR (Tournament Ready) headset took the A40 design and gave it more flexibility through the A40 TR Mod Kit. Gamers were able to bounce between open or closed back ear cups as well as swap the […]

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Nyko Unveils New VR & Console Accessories during E3 2016

  Nyko is typically most recognized for their charging solutions available for both the Xbox and PlayStation. At this year’s E3, the debut of their VR accessories really caught our eye. These accessories augment the overall experience that might hinder some gamers from actually dipping their feet into virtual reality. “VR gaming has achieved significant […]