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E3 2016: Turtle Beach Showcase & New Elite Pro Headset

Last year at E3, Turtle Beach showed off their headphone engineering chops by offering a very wide selection of headsets across all platforms with 3 to 4 tiers of quality and price options for each platform. That’s a LOT of options. This year at E3 2016, Turtle Beach showcased three new, more-focused products for three gaming markets: VR, streaming, and of course hi end gaming audio. Enter the Turtle Beach® Stream Mic, Turtle Beach® Stealth 350VR Gaming Headset, and their latest gaming headset flagship, the Turtle Beach® Elite Pro Tournament Gaming Headset.

Turtle Beach® Stream Mic

The Turtle Beach Stream Mic is the answer for steamers across all gaming platforms allowing for immediate usability via plug-and-play USB connectivity. With the kind of quality and functionality you’d expect from a desktop streaming mic, you can even use the Stream Mic for your Xbox One and PS4 streaming endeavors. TruSpeak™ technology gives you high quality voice recording from both table top or over-head mounted set-ups. The Turtle Beach Stream Mic not only gives you multiple mounting options, but also a built-in headphone amp allowing you hear what the mic picks up as you record. Simply install Turtle Beach’s Ear Force Audio Hub to open up customization options for your Stream Mic.

The Turtle Beach® Stream Mic is coming in Fall 2016 at $$99.95.

Turtle Beach® Stealth 350VR Gaming Headset


With the ever growing market of VR products, you’d almost expect Turtle Beach to come to front lines with a VR-specific audio solution. Ergonomically designed to fit comfortably around today’s VR headsets, the Turtle Beach® Stealth 350VR Gaming Headset brings you Turtle Beach’s quality audio through 50mm neodymium speakers. Fabric-covered memory foam borders the ear-cups and headband, with an intentional gap on the headband to comfortably allow for VR headset cabling.

The Stealth 350VR Gaming Headset is battery-powered for sound amplification and has mic monitoring  in its detachable noise-cancelling mic. Through its swappable cable system, the headset provides compatibility with PlayStation®VR, Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and the PS4.

Also coming in Fall 2016, the Turtle Beach® Stealth 350VR Gaming Headset comes in at $79.95.

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