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Engadget Expand NY 2014: Micro Drone

Drones are the cool overpriced toys that you see at tech shows or fairs. You know you want one but scoff at the idea of buying one for anything close to half a grand. Well Extreme Fliers throws all of that worry and doubt out the window with their Micro Drone 2.0. Here’s a miniature $99 drone with 300 feet of flying range from its remote control, a heap of maneuverability, and incredible reaction time. It’s made of a metal box profile for withstanding crashes and is designed with modular components that bolt together.

It’s held up by 4 fans, propelled by 29000rpm coreless motors, powered by a 300 mA/h Li-Po battery for 8 minutes of continuous flying and has an anti-thermal self-cooling motor cage to disperse heat. It also communicates with its remote via a 2.4 Ghz Radio Frequency and contains a 6 axis gyroscope. One of the more impressive features of this little guy is its self-learning algorithm programmed for recovering its upright position in mid-air from any wacky angle it finds itself in.

Want to explore even more? You can purchase a wide-angle lens HD camera accessory for taking photos and videos mid-flight.


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By Dani, Pop Culture Editor

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