Expect the Unexpected: Hendrick’s Gin Event in NYC



Alice, eat your heart out. Hendrick’s five-city “Voyages Into the Unusual” tour made its last oddball stop in the Big Apple last week. The traveling event transformed 5 Beekman Street into a Wonderland of peculiar acts inspired by the 1930’s. From a greenhouse filled with the gin’s 11 trademark ingredients to a haunted cocktail shack, the extravaganza sprawled across three rooms in the abandoned hotel. Exclusive concoctions made from local ingredients like apples and ginger liqueur were served up to crowds of over 50 a night. On stage, the White Ghost Shivers performed their signature mix of part vaudeville, part rock musical stylings, setting the perfect stage for shenanigans…and gin, lots of gin.

The yearlong gin event has toured Houston, San Francisco, Chicago and Philadelphia with local performers and cocktails inspired by each city.

Check out the Facebook photos here…

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