ASTRO Gaming A40 Headset & MixAmp M80 Review

ASTRO Gaming A40 Headset & MixAmp M80 Review

Functionality and the MixAmp M80


ASTRO’s MixAmp M80 allows new and long-time owners of the A40 (or A30) to use their headset with the Xbox One. Like with other Xbox One headset adapters, you get the basic control functionality: volume control, chat/game volume balance, and mic mute. Unique to the M80 is the 3 available EQ Modes controlled by that button in the middle:

– Pro: Boosted high frequencies for competitive gameplay

– Core: Balanced for single player gaming

– Media: Enhanced bass, for movies and music

I have to say that I’m impressed with the MixAmp M80. It goes beyond just passing Xbox One audio to and from your headset. It’s a very unique design in comparison to those in the Xbox One stereo adapter market. The led display gives you the feel of having an analog control to your master volume. The fact that it doubles as a chat/game balance indicator is a nice touch. The mute button is ergonomically easy to find and clearly indicates when you are muted.

Where the MixAmp M80 further goes beyond a standard Xbox One adapter resides in its EQ functionality. I found the pro setting that enhances highs for easier in-game enemy acquisition is as effective as the game you’re using it in allows it to be. Example, the benefits of this function didn’t flourish in Destiny specifically in my play-throughs. I was more focused with the placement of gunshots than I was with the more subtle sounds I expected to hear with this setting (i.e. footsteps). Other first person perspective games that take consideration in how footsteps and subtle movement sounds of the like on the other hand would make this setting more sensible. Perhaps those are games that I probably just do not own, yet.

Otherwise the “Core” (default) setting excelled for me. While everyone’s taste is different, I felt the default setting was spot on in sound presentation. Nice and balanced, Core allowed for the most enjoyment even when viewing movies with the Xbox One. Anyone that is successfully convinced to get the A40 will be more than happy with just staying at this setting, in my opinion.

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