ASTRO Gaming A40 Headset & MixAmp M80 Review

ASTRO Gaming A40 Headset & MixAmp M80 Review

Performance and Overall Opinions


Audio with A40‘s is excellent in all environments, whether it be on the PC, the Xbox One, or in simply casual listening on a mobile device. The included 3.5 mm cable allows you to venture outside of the Xbox One with the A40’s. Closed back headsets tend to be my personal preference. Yet the A40 did an excellent job in making me have a better appreciation for open backs.

Even outside the use with the Xbox One, sound is clear, crisp and engulfing, all while not being muddy with the bass. Bass is still strong but it doesn’t overwhelm, urging you to pump the volume up and causing you to forget that sound leaks out of open back headsets. Sorry passersby. The A40 hosts a vivid sound presentation that shows why ASTRO stood behind with their standard model for so long.

The A40’s mic picks up your voice quite well, even when you bend the boom away from your head temporarily. It’s quite sturdy and for the most part stays puts with the angle that you bend it to. With how well the mic pics up your voice, you really wouldn’t need the receiver to be that close to your mouth either way.

The ASTRO Gaming A40 + MixAmp M80 combo is a fine package for $200. It was easy to see why the A40 is a legacy headset that has been used by professional gamers on all platforms. As a stand-alone peripheral, the A40 gets the job done. Want to take it further? Get a 3.5 mm to mic and headphone splitter and use it PC gaming. ASTRO made a versatile headset that can handle pretty much any gaming scenario. And on top of its performance, you can customize the mic and ear plate as you see fit. ASTRO sells a considerable collection of components for their headsets straight from their website. So they have you covered whether it be to replace broken components or to just add more flair to your ASTRO headset.

Absolutely take the time to look into the A40 for yourself here. Already have an A40 and just want to use it on your Xbox One? Go straight for the MixAmp M80, also sold by ASTRO separately here.

ASTRO Gaming A40 Headset & MixAmp M80 review unit and some stock images provided by ASTRO Gaming PR.