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Gang Bangin’ Voodoo Dolls – Bulletstorm First Impressions

I must be honest. I didn’t expect much from this game. I think out of all the editors currently writing for Royal Flush, Modest Law was the most excited for this title. But now that the Bulletstorm demo has finally hit XBLA, I think I might have to start playing a different tune…

The demo does delve into the game’s story but like in Gears of War, the story doesn’t really matter much. It’s all about the gore. The sweet glorious gore. In the demo, you play through one of the Bulletstorm levels and have to rank up the most points by coming up with the most sadistic methods of killing your AI opponents. Head-shots don’t rack up the most points here. Instead, you’ll have to chain various killing methods together as you try to figure out how to get a maximum score.

The more vicious you are, the higher the score…

However, I can’t tell you how addictive it is to try to figure out new sadistic ways to increase my score. With each play-through, I found myself beating my previous score with a new combination of weapons and kill tactics. The only limitation I could find is your own imagination. But don’t take my word for it, give the demo a try and soon you’ll give into the satisfying feeling that you’ll find from plastering enemies into the wall and having their bloody corpses hang like pretty like voodoo dolls. Such pretty dolls…

Check out XBox Live’s Game Marketplace for the complete demo as well as the official Bulletstorm website for more details.

By Dani, Pop Culture Editor

Dani is a Pop Culture Editor for Royal Flush Magazine. She is a lover of all things gaming. Her favorite game franchises include Resident Evil, Silent Hill, Kingdom Hearts, Halo, Dance Dance Revolution, and Rock Band. When not gaming, she's navigating the dangerous waters of Web Development while having a long lasting love/hate relationship with Internet Explorer.

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