EverQuest Next Teased at SoE Fan Fare

I am not one to usually post reveals or teases, but this one is quite the big deal for me.  SoE pulled the tarp to reveil the long awaited Sequel/Reboot of EverQuest and if they has their way, the first true reboot in MMO’s since, well EverQuest came out over 10 years ago. Behold, Codename EQNext!

While these seem like beautiful works of concept art, Sony says that these are actual in game screenshots of the project. Incredible, Keith Parkinson would be so proud.

The game has been in developement for an undisclosed time, though I would guess since mid 2007 when Sony acquisition Sigil Games, effectively reuniting all the original key members of the original EverQuest development team.   Keep an eye on this game, there is a huge amount of potential here.

By Modest Law

My name is Lawrence Young, I am currently living in Charleston, South Carolina. I am a life long gamer, but I also work in photography, graphic design, and some dabbling in game design through the Valve's Source engine.