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Fast Review – Gears of War 3 Beta First Impressions

This one is going be a quickie on my first impressions of the Gears of War 3 multi-player since I was lucky enough to get my hands on a beta code. While I haven’t been playing it much, I have watched my favorite fellow writer, double-jump, play and I must say there were many a memorable moment to be had. And from my very first impression there was something familiar about the game that I really liked. Depending on how the game evolves between the beta to the it’s actual release, I am leaning towards the fact that I may actually play the multi-player this time.



Why is this shocking, you may ask? Well, it’s because I have a love-hate relationship with Gears of War’s multi-player. The original Gears of War’s multi-player was a glitchy mess with the second one following suit. But what was Gears of War 2’s saving grace for me was the Horde mode. It was a mode that allowed me to break away from the glitchy lag ridden multi-player and just gather up friends and fight wave after wave against the locust.

So, I wasn’t expecting much from Gears of War 3. When I played the beta, I felt something familiar. Instead, I saw a lot of things that I love from another game: Halo: Reach. Yes, I am going there and comparing Gears of War 3 to a game that I honestly consider to be my all time favorite multi-player experience on XBox Live. Hands down. In Gears of War 3

There was no lag.

There was slight spawn camping.

There was slight glitching.

But more importantly, I was having fun.

Yes, I was actually enjoying seeing all the metals I was unlocking. All the experience points I had gained as well as all the new executions with the new weapons. Gears of War 3 was just as visceral as the original but was actually playable and fun. I wasn’t cursing every minute because my controls weren’t responding or because someone had a lag switch on.

Totally worth pre-ordering the Gears of War 3 to check out the beta. I only hope that the game is this “polished” when the final version hits my Xbox later this year.


By Dani "GamerGal", Pop Culture Editor

GamerGal, more commonly known as Dani, is a Pop Culture Editor for Royal Flush Magazine. She is a lover of all things gaming. Her favorite game franchises include Resident Evil, Silent Hill, Kingdom Hearts, Halo, Dance Dance Revolution, and Rock Band. When not gaming, she's navigating the dangerous waters of Web Development while having a long lasting love/hate relationship with IE7.

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Yes color…..Gears of War has always been a series focused on tight maps and small squads with a more deliberate pace than some of its competitors in the shooter arena. Gears of War 3 might be the most refined example of those concepts and builds character better than any peewee league could.

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