Introducing Project Pre-Owned

For some reason I have become a little uninspired. To be honest, I know that there’s a whole slew of games coming down the pike this year but all the ones I was really looking forward already came out for me. So, I needed something to re-inspire me to write and share with you folks again. I believe I may have found it in Project Pre-Owned.What you see above is my entire gaming library, these are the games that I haven’t lent away or lost during a previous move. This signifies all the games I have purchased over the years and it’s actually sad that there’s a whole lot of them that I actually never even played!

So, my hope with Project Pre-Owned is to select a game that fits either criteria:

  1. I absolutely haven’t played this game before
    1. I have developed a pretty bad attention span. Once a new game comes out, I buy it and forget all about the other game I just bought and wanted to play.
    2. Some first person games make me sick but I have some reason to believe that this might have been due to my last gaming setup. It wouldn’t hurt to give the game another try.
  2. I never finished the damn game!
    1. This one happens a lot! More times than I thought and I’m guessing happens to everyone from time to time. You buy a game and it either:
      1. Got to hard to continue and finish or,
      2. Really intended to play it with a friend who decided to play something else, or
      3. Had another bout with A.D.D and started another game.

This should be an interesting experiment, honestly. In an ideal world I would love to play through all of the abandoned games but I think I would be content to get through a majority of them…

So, coming up next is the first entry into Project Pre-Owned: Tekken 6.

By Dani "GamerGal", Pop Culture Editor

GamerGal, more commonly known as Dani, is a Pop Culture Editor for Royal Flush Magazine. She is a lover of all things gaming. Her favorite game franchises include Resident Evil, Silent Hill, Kingdom Hearts, Halo, Dance Dance Revolution, and Rock Band. When not gaming, she's navigating the dangerous waters of Web Development while having a long lasting love/hate relationship with IE7.