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LEGO® Minifigures Online – The Review!

LEGO Minifigures Online: Review



Lego® Minifigures have been around for a good while, since 1978 to be exact, and still have a place in the hearts of both kids and adults! And now game developers, Funcom, are giving them life in a new form as a video game: Lego Minifigures Online (LMO). LMO will fill you with new surprises, captivating stories, and many varieties of Minifigures to form your squad. The Lego universe is a robust world that you and your friends can explore, build, and defeat the bad guys. Whether you want to play as a pizza delivery guy, a hollywood starlet, or a swashbuckling pirate, its totally up to you!  It’s a blast for all ages, and it definitely feels fresh and charming as far as online video games are concerned.


LEGO Minifigures Online: LMFO


The game features a bevy of worlds, from a space age planets to majestic castles where you must do battles with dragons. All the worlds have unique themes as well as plenty of objects to build or destroy. There are special dungeons to unlock new minifigure parts or take part in active scenarios where you need to complete the objectives given to progress through the world. Lego Minifigures Online always keeps the kids (and even their parents!) in mind with a very simple UI and HUD so you can just jump straight into the action. The beauty of LMO being online as well is to make new friends, meet up with old ones, and play with family to take on the bigger challenges in the game or just enjoy the bright, colorful Lego worlds. As an added bonus LMO will also feature cross-platform play across PC, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android platforms.


LEGO Minifigures Online:  Review


There are literally dozens and dozens of Lego Minifigures characters to collect, especially creating rare ones to show them off for bragging rights or plow through baddies. You can always have a squad of three figures to play as, and each one has unique abilities and traits. As the action goes on, you can switch to a new figure in real time and keep going. As I continued playing, I rekindled my love for Lego pirates, so the Swashbuckler will always have a spot in my team. As you go on in each quest, the figures do interact with each other in rather silly dialogue that definitely gave me a chuckle or two. It’s quite crazy how Lego manages to mashup all these figures, yet still contain their individual personalities and flair.


LEGO Minifigures Online: Review


The game is very kid-friendly so that parents will be at ease as their little ones jump on for a session. LMO has a moderated chat and is fully COPPA compliant, Children’s Online Privacy Protection compliant. The name generator is formed from a set of safe words, but also produce silly names like “Captain Bologna.” Additionally, all conversations entered via chat will be filtered through the same set of safe words. And to grab the kids’ attention, Lego will be packing their minifigures toy line with special codes to play as the figures you collected, as well as bonus goodies for game. So not only will the toys be fun to play in real life, but as well as in the virtual life.

LEGO Minifigures Online: Review


Funcom originally planned to release Lego Minifigures Online as a Free-to-Play model, but due to player feedback and analysis, the game is available NOW for $29.99 (PC/Mac) with all the worlds unlocked and ready to be explored. For mobile platforms, the game and first world will be available for $4.99, and others worlds can be purchased for $3.99.

LMO is a fantastic game and I am looking forward to future worlds and minifigures to be added. I certainly find it fun and continue to be immersed by this experience. The game provides fun quests, a quite unique story, voice narrations/acting, and fun cinematics to keep all the children and child-in-hearts engaged.

I’ll see you all in Lego Minifigures Online!


LEGO Minifigures Online: Review