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Lessons Learned from the Evolve Open Beta

You have probably played the Evolve open beta recently and are now wondering what’s going on. Right?

Well according to Turtle Rock Studios, while some of us were complaining about either overpowered Hunters or Monsters what actually happened during the Evolve open beta was a bunch of even matches. With over 2.2 million matches that took place during the Evolve open beta, the infographic below illustrates just what really happened during the open beta. The results are a bit surprising.

Evolve Beta Infographic

So now what is Turtle Rock Studios going to do with this data?

When you have an open beta, you’re testing for a number of things: You want to stress test the servers. You want to squash bugs that you can only find when releasing a game to a larger crowd. And, in the case of Evolve, you want to continue balancing the game.

The team at Turtle Rock Studios is borderline obsessive about refining the experience. So, with that in mind, we sat down with Turtle Rock’s Chris Ashton to talk about what we learned coming out of the Open Beta Weekend – and what it means for Evolve when it launches on February 10.†

With matches clocking in at around ten minutes, Chris Ashton was amazed that 2.2 million matches were played by the end of the Evolve open beta. Additionally, they were able to ensure that matchmaking was better this time around that it was during the Big Alpha. “No more level 20 players versus level 1 players and as a result, the stats were staggeringly balanced,” says Chris but they did realize there were some pitfalls. For example, “[in] some situations [where] we were trying to match people into full games, or parties into games that didn’t have enough open slots, so that should be sorted for launch.”

If you’re curious to learn more lessons learned from Evolve open beta, then please check out Turtle Rock Studios Blog Entry right here.

Source: Evolve Blog

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