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Logitech G PRO Gaming Headset Review

Performance and Final Thoughts

Logitech G’s Pro-G drivers are no joke. We loved them in the G433’s and admittedly we expected to love them with the PRO Gaming Headset. After two weeks of usage we weren’t very surprised at what we heard: a solid sound performance. Gun shots and footsteps were crisp and clear. Explosions felt nice and deep while not drowning or distorting other sounds. After spending some time using the PRO Gaming Headset to listen to music, I doubled-back to my G433 review to see if it differed in any way. Other than having much better sound isolation thanks to the leatherette cups, I found myself having the same thoughts as last time…

…I was sure to listen to some high-res music in FLAC format to make sure I get a good grasp on the kind of listening quality these Pro-G drivers can provide. Percussion sounds like drums come across crisply and vocals come across nice and clear. The bass was especially impressive. The bass is very vibrant, warm and easy, while not being muddy or overbearing at all.

The PRO mic projected my voice loud and clear, with that pop filter doing a good job at making sure that my breathing didn’t project through the mic as well. I appreciate the flexibility of the mic’s arm which gave me no resistance at all as I adjusted to the proper placement. The mic mute toggler was as simple to reach for and finagle as was the in-line volume controller. Controlling what came through the headset, both inbound and outbound, felt like second nature. That’s exactly how it should be for a headset designed for professional gamers who shouldn’t have to think too hard when managing these basic controls.

The Logitech G PRO Gaming Headset is a solid straight-forward product that delivers quality sound, both inbound and out. It keeps it simple while not skimping at all on the quality or comfort. For a respectable $89.99, you have a headset package that gives you just what you need, whether you’re a pro gamer looking for something to take to a tourney, or just a casual gamer that wants something simple that sounds solid. You can even use the PRO Gaming Headset on any gaming or listening platform that supports a 3.5mm input. The PRO Gaming Headset is ready for practically anything.

Do check out Logitech G’s PRO Gaming Headset for yourself here.

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† Logitech G PRO Gaming Headset review unit provided by Logitech PR.

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