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Miscommunication: Gaming Headsets and the PS4


Earlier last week, news regarding the compatibility between gaming headsets and the PlayStation 4 surfaced. Multiple gaming headset companies  have come clean in saying that most of their current products would work with Sony’s new system, but not right at the system’s launch.  While the PlayStation 4 does come with Blu-tooth support, there are currently some issues that need to be worked out before certain products will be able to connect. At least, that is what we have been able to discover from reading between the lines with Sony’s indirect response to GameInformer regarding concerns about being able to use legacy headsets with the PlayStation 4.

Sony has announced that an update is in the works to allow these devices to sync up properly with the next-generation system, though there is currently no estimation on when this update will hit. However, a work around has been discovered on certain headsets. Headsets that use digital optical for game audio will be able to still pick up your games’ audio, but the ability to chat will be temporarily unusable until Sony’s update goes live. Astro headsets and even Sony’s first-party, Pulse series, are impacted by this issue. However, Turtle Beach is proving to be gamer’s salvation.

Image Courtesy of Turtle Beach
Image Courtesy of Turtle Beach

“At Turtle Beach we try to maximize the compatibility and flexibility of our headsets because there are so many potential gaming scenarios,” stated David Lowley, a Turtle Beach representative. “We want people who invest in a Turtle Beach headset to be able to use it as broadly as possible.” The latest headsets provide a mobile adapter. These headsets can then connect to this adapter to support chatting while the optical cable will support game audio. “In anticipation of the next-generation console transition we also planned ahead, ensuring our newest headsets had enough flexibility to adapt to potential launch scenarios,” Lowely continued. Thanks to the wireless technology in Turtle Beach’s Dual Band WiFi wireless headsets, their upcoming products will be the only headsets capable of connecting to the PlayStation 4 right at launch.  The Turtle Beach PX4, XP510, PX51, and the Call of Duty: Ghost Phantom headset will all work with Sony’s system when it releases later next month.

It is quite a shame and a disappointment to hear that so many headsets will not carry over to the next-generation with ease. One would think that with so many headsets running off of either USB connections or Blu-tooth the transition to the newer consoles would be much smoother with this. Especially with how so many gamers have invested hundreds of dollars into enhancing their experiences with their games. It is quite concerning to a degree; I find it very hard to swallow the fact that Sony’s own product line will not work right away with one another. Regardless, gamers can rest at ease knowing that Sony is already aware of the issue and taking necessary steps towards correcting it.

By Stephanie K

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