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New From FUNKO POP: Batman Arkham Asylum

Funko Heroes

Hot off the presses and just in time for Halloween comes Funko Pop’s latest addition to their ever growing library: Batman Arkham Asylum. 

Previously, Funko has released Pop Vinyls of famous movies, tv shows and video games, to name a few, but this new entry in their catalog is actually being categorized in their Heroes line.

As per their press release:

Pop! Heroes: Arkham Asylum

Picture this…
Arkham Asylum is home to Gotham’s most vengeful criminals.
The Joker has trapped Batman inside while he holds Gotham hostage!
Batman has to fight his way out by facing Gotham’s most dangerous psychopaths to free the city!
Batman and the villains of Arkham Asylum are coming soon!


I’m psyched about this collection myself as Batman: Arkham Asylum is one of my all-time favorite games. I just wonder how long it will be until Funko adds a talking one.

See pics of the all-new Arkham Asylum collection below. Be sure to look for them when they hit stores in October!



Killer Croc
Killer Croc

Poison Ivy
Poison Ivy


The Joker

Harley Quinn
Harley Quinn

Plus, in case you missed it: I kicked off my “Bat-watch” series and go through all the release details for the upcoming Batman: Arkham Knight. In case you are curious, you can check out the article here.

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