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Nyko Charge Block Solo for Xbox One™ and PlayStation®4 Review

Nyko Charge Block Solo Review

Dual charging solutions for the Xbox One™ and PlayStation®4 are my latest obsession. For a while, I’ve had to purchase individual charging solutions for each system. With such limited space in my apartment, separate charging solutions meant two electrical outlets were needed to charge the controllers at any time. Additionally, it also meant double the space was needed for each console’s charging solutions in most entertainment systems. Therefore, when the opportunity came up to give Nyko’s Charge Block Solo a try, I jumped on it.

Available for both the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4, Nyko’s Charge Block Solo allows gamers to conveniently store and charge your Xbox One and PS4 controllers simultaneously. Yes, I said simultaneously. Their unique design makes it easy to connect multiple Charge Blocks from the same or different platform to create a charger for your specific needs. The Charge Block Solo for Xbox One comes with a 1,200mAh battery and a replaceable battery cover. The Charge Block Solo for the PlayStation 4 utilizes Nyko’s patented dongle system. The dongle attaches to the Micro-USB port on the controller and leaves the ergonomics and grip of the DUALSHOCK®4 controller unchanged. Charging your controllers is as easy as just dropping them directly onto the Charge Block.

The easy drop and charge design eliminates the need for additional cords, wires or plugs. The Nyko Charge Block Solo’s low profile design is ultra compact and features a LED charge indicator. Now you can easily charge controllers for both the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 without sacrificing space in addition to always having a controller ready for extended gaming sessions. The Charge Block Solo plugs into any wall outlet or USB port for rapid charging and requires a USB 3.0 connection when connecting more than two Charge Blocks to charge via USB port.

The Charge Block Solo for PlayStation 4 is only $14.99 for and only $19.99 for the Charge Block Solo for Xbox One. Not only is the price is right but it’s low design profile, unique drop charge and ability to simultaneously charge controllers for different consoles makes this a must buy for any console gamer.

To learn more about the Charge Block Solo for PlayStation 4, please visit Nyko’s product page.

To learn more about the Charge Block Solo for Xbox One, please visit Nyko’s product page.


  • Ability to connect additional Charge Blocks together from different consoles
  • Unique design allows for easy, one handed use and doesn’t take up much space
  • Includes one 1,200mAh battery and one replacement battery cover for Xbox One controller
  • Includes a patented dongle for the PlayStation 4 controller.
  • Plugs into any wall outlet or USB port for rapid recharging
  • LED lights clearly indicate when charging is complete



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