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The Rewind: Pax Prime 2014 Behemoth Interview

Pax East kicks off today and we highly suggest you all to go over and check out Behemoth’s Game 4. We got the chance to play their upcoming title during Pax Prime and we loved what we saw. Game 4 continues Behemoth’s tradition of bringing us unique gameplay experiences with quirky Behemoth flair. We’ve seen them bring us side-scrolling adventures and battle arenas, Game 4 gives us a new take on the RPG genre.

Let’s revisit our Pax Prime 2014 interview with Aaron Jungjohann of Behemoth.


Prior to our interview, we demo’ed Game 4 and just went straight into talking about it…

So if you weren’t wearing headphones, you would think that the characters were actually talking in English and there just happened to be subtitles. You couldn’t hear it but the language that they were talking in is absolute gibberish. But the gibberish actually makes some sort of sense. Oddly.

Aaron Jungjohann:
It feels like there should be some method to the madness. I asked Will about it and what he does is he cuts out the middle of the word. At that point it’s just the beginning of the word and the ending of the word smooshed together. That’s sort of the logic because we’ve had a couple of other people do some of that dialogue and we wanted it to sound like they were all from the same world. Dan Paladin did some of the voice acting too.

So, now that Game 4 is officially announced.

It’s a thing now, yea…

What can you actually tell us for those of us who were unable to attend or even get to play the demo during Pax Prime 2014?

Well, it’s a totally new genre for us. That’s sort of a thing we like to do. Bring our style, accessibility and the co-op elements, which you didn’t get to see here but are definitely there, into a new genre. It’s a fast paced turn based co-op adventure strategy kind of game. You got little glimpses of walking and exploring around in the open world. It is a post apocalyptic wonderland of strange creatures and bizarre events.

Yea, the teaser at the end had like this cupcake land and I would love to find out how cupcakes actually fit into this game.

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