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The Rewind: Pax Prime 2014 Behemoth Interview

Pax East kicks off today and we highly suggest you all to go over and check out Behemoth’s Game 4. We got the chance to play their upcoming title during Pax Prime and we loved what we saw. Game 4 continues Behemoth’s tradition of bringing us unique gameplay experiences with quirky Behemoth flair. We’ve seen them bring us side-scrolling adventures and battle arenas, Game 4 gives us a new take on the RPG genre.

Let’s revisit our Pax Prime 2014 interview with Aaron Jungjohann of Behemoth.

Do you have a rough idea of how many classes we’ll probably see?

There’s A LOT of different units that we’re not showing. You mentioned the cupcakes…

But you also mentioned zombies as well and the robots

Yep, well the great news is that we spent about the first six months just looking at mechanics—the balancing of the different stats. According to the lead designer, at this point he can create a new unit and then have everything balanced out pretty quickly. So hopefully we’ll be able to expand a lot more.

I know he wants to add as many more units as he can come up with. And the lead designer is Dan so it kind of just depends on how many more cool things he can draw that he thinks will have a unique role in the game so we don’t just want to bloat it out. But at the same time I know he’s going to have a lot more things in his wheelhouse that he would like to try out. The last game, I loved how eccentric that setting was but it was all in the theater, there weren’t that many excuses to bring out random things. It was cats and you’re in a theatre.

Now it’s a whole world and that world is constantly changing and evolving and all kinds of excuses for all kinds of craziness happening.

Are you envisioning adding more ideas through DLC if it doesn’t ship with the original game?

That’s any interesting thought.

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