Predict the Winners, Win $1000 from NAVGTR

Pax South 2015: NAVGTR Awards Contest

Pax South 2015: NAVGTR Awards Contest

In case you missed it, I was actually a part of the NAVGTR Nominations: Whip Caucus panel during Pax South. It was an interactive panel where I announced nominees alongside other National Academy of Video Game Trade Reviewers members and then joined the audience as they participated in a caucus vote. For some categories there were clear winners. However, for others, a spirited debate took place.

For example, at one point there was a spirited discussion around Lead Performance in a Drama. You can check out the argument below!

Now that the nominations are announced, NAVGTR wants you to join in the fun (and win some serious cash as well)!

[During Pax South] the academy revealed a free Android app available on Google Play called “NAVGTR Award Junky,” which allows users to build buzz for industry nominations and predict winners for various award programs. The app has been released in tandem with a winner prediction contest at†

If you are the most accurate predictor of the DICE, CHOICE, GANG, and NAVGTR Awards, you can win $1,000.

To check out the official contest rules as well as the entire list of nominees, simply visit for all details.


†Source: NAVGTR Press Release