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PSA: DUALSHOCK 4 Close Up and Personal


It has been about two months since Sony has released any detailed information regarding the PlayStation 4. Today they are giving fans a closer look at the DUALSHOCK 4 with a new informative trailer.

Some key things to take away from the video is the tracking system Sony has built in correlation to the PlayStation Camera. The giant colored light on the front of the controller syncs players to the system as well as the controller itself. This means that even if the controller is passed to another player that is sitting on the opposite side of the room, the system will recognize the physical change in placement. It will then alter the mutliplayer games by switching split screens to the correct side of the television for more organized gaming.

Sadly, they do not reveal any features that are in store for the touch pad but they do show it off a little bit. The pad looks almost exactly like the pad on the back of the Vita, so I have no doubts that it will be smooth to use. I personally think that DUALSHOCK 4 controller looks a tad awkward to hold but that could just be because of small hands. I guess we will find out when it launches later this year.

By Stephanie K

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