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RAZER Mamba Wireless Mouse Review

Here we have the Razer Mamba, a wireless mouse brought to you by one of the biggest names in gaming. Razer continues to innovate, and make their devices bigger and better. Allowing the end user, you and I to have full customization to suit our play styles. The Razer Mamba is no different.

Let’s start with the obvious highlight of the Razer Mamba and that is that it is a Wireless gaming mouse, unless you don’t want it to be. You have the option to play without a wire for up to 20 hours. This didn’t seem to far fetched either as I charged it completely and didn’t have to recharge it until I was near the 15 hour mark. Now this was with the RGB lighting on full blast because…why not? No problem though, simply plug it in and continue gaming while charging…or just keep in plugged in if you one of those types who fear latency from anything wireless. It does boast a near zero latency though, so fear not friendos.

It wouldn’t be a Razer device if it didn’t feature a full spectrum of RGB beauty. Using the Razer Synapse software you can customize the Chroma Lighting zones for over 16 million color options. It’s a fun feature, keeps everything looking nice and allows you to add your own style to your devices.

The Razer Synapse gaming software allows you to unlock the full potential of the Razer Mamba. Not only can you make it look badass, but this is where you’ll customize the DPI of your device. If this is the first time reading about a gaming mouse, DPI or Dots Per Inch is the number of pixels you will cover if you move the mouse an inch. The Razer Mamba has one of the highest DPI’s sitting at 16,000. This means the mouse is incredibly sensitive, which helps if you wanna pull off those 360 no-scopes in Call of Duty. For me, that’s way too sensitive. I sit comfortably around 4,000, but that suits my play style. Your style may be different which is why Razer allows you to set your own DPI settings in their Razer Synapse software. You can change it on the fly to best suit your needs for a particular game, or just while trying to get work done. Just because this is technically a “gaming” mouse, that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be used for daily work.

The Razer Mamba is designed for Right-handed users. Sorry weirdos. It feels very natural and comfortable in my hand. I have what I would consider to be larger hands, or longer fingers and they do fit nicely on this device. I feel that people with smaller hands, and our female gamers are not going to have any issues with the Razer Mamba. Just like anything else though, the way a mouse, a keyboard a headset fit is very personal and I always encourage people when shopping to get your hands on a device before you purchase it. These are investments, and you are going to be putting a lot of hours into it so do your due diligence when deciding which device best suits your need.

Overall this is a great mouse. Razer has once again upped their game, delivering a beautiful product with enough customization options to make this an incredible investment in your quality of gaming. With the price coming in under $100, this is a great device for anyone who is looking upgrade from their entry level gaming mouse. You can pick it up from Razer by clicking here for $99.99. See how easy I made it for you?

By Lil Nubi

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