Star Citizen Crowdfunding Smashes Records

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Star Citizen Crowdfunding Smashes Records

Wing Commander creator Chris Roberts has made his return to game development with an unparalleled crowdfunding campaign finishing at over $6 Million USD raised for his ambitious new Star Citizen title. The combination of the Kickstarter project and their own in-house crowdfunding efforts have netted them a whopping $6,238,563 USD pledged from 89,667 backers making it the largest successful crowdfunding event to date.

Roberts has made it a point of championing the underestimation of PC’s as a legitimate gaming platform throughout the crowdfunding campaign and it appears he has made that case in a big way, “The battle is over and we – PC gamers, space sim fans, WingNuts, Lancers and the rest – have won,” the company said yesterday in heartfelt thanks to their community of supporters, “Star Citizen will be released because of your dedication and your willingness to put your money where our mouths are. Our gratitude is immeasurable; we owe you our livelihoods and will not soon forget it.”

Star Citizen looks to be a space nerds’ wet dream, making the promise of being the ‘real deal’ of space sims with integrated Newtonian Physics and broad peripheral support ranging from simple joystick functionality and multi-monitor setups to the much anticipated Ocular Rift VR headset. The promise of a persistent online universe, fast-paced dogfights and massive fleet engagements crafted by a team that’s guided by the kind of pedigree Roberts brings to the table is an exciting prospect indeed.

With a tenative release date of November 2014, it’s still got a long way to go and many promises to keep. As a lover of Battlestar Galactica, Star Wars and all things Sci-Fi you can bet I will be keeping a close eye on this project throughout its development.