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SteelSeries Unveils New Apex Pro Gaming Keyboard Line at Computex

At Computex 2019, SteelSeries unveiled their new Apex Pro and Apex Pro TKL keyboards, featuring fully adjustable key actuation. These keyboards utilize SteelSeries’ new OmniPoint switch, where gamers can personally adjust the distance it takes for each key to actuate and register a key-press. These actuation settings can be set up in profiles that automatically load up when you run the games to which you want these settings to apply. These customizations are all handled via SteelSeries’ peripheral customization software, the SteelSeries Engine. The full sized Apex Pro and Apex Pro TKL (ten-keyless) keybaords are coming right around the corner, with some availability starting in June for US markets and others hitting Europe and Asia markets later this fall.

Diving deeper into the new and patented OmniPoint switches, gamers will able to adjust actuation levels in a range from 0.4mm to 3.6mm, where 0.4mm is the most sensitive and shallowest of the key press settings. These switches utilize magnetic sensors that allow for faster response times than seen in traditional mechanical keyboard switches. However, the new SteelSeries Apex Pro and SteelSeries Apex Pro TKL also house an integrated OLED Smart Display, which allows gamers to tweak actuation points directly from the keyboard, outside of the SteelSeries Engine. Additionally, these OLED Smart Displays can also be used to receive notifications from applications like Discord, Spotify, CS:GO, and Dota2.

Both the SteelSeries Apex Pro and SteelSeries Apex Pro TKL are crafted from aircraft-grade aluminum, feature per-key dynamic lighting, house onboard memory for storing up to five profiles, and sport a USB pass-through to allow for easy cable management. Both models will also come with a magnetically-attaching wrist rest as an additional comfort option.

The SteelSeries Apex Pro keyboard will be available in the US on June 11, 2019 for $199, purchasable at Best Buy or  Availability in Europe and Asia markets will follow later this fall.  The SteelSeries Apex Pro TKL will be also be available later this fall in the US, Europe and Asia markets for $179.

If you like the look and features of the new SteelSeries Apex Pro line, but prefer more traditional mechanical switch options, the SteelSeries Apex 7 (full-sized) and Apex 7 TKL keyboards offer the choice between Red, Blue or Brown switches. Availability for these variants are as follows:

  • Apex 7 ($159) Red Switches: US, Europe, and Asia in June
  • Apex 7 ($159) Brown and Blue Switches: US, Europe, and Asia later this fall
  • Apex 7 TKL ($129) Red Switches: US and Asia in June, Europe later this fall
  • Apex 7 TKL ($129) Brown and Blue Switches: US, Europe, and Asia later this fall
SteelSeries Apex Pro

† Product info and images provided by SteelSeries PR in Computex press release.

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