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That’s Right!

It’s True!
Stephanie K and I will being traveling to Boston MA for this year’s PAX East on April 6th to April 8th to bring you all the cool stuff from the event.

Will there be New games, News, Cosplay and a cool logo I whipped up for the occasion? You bet!
All that and what will no doubt be the largest concentration of Nintendo3DS street passes the world has ever seen. so far

Check back then for all the awesome to come!


Where:Boston, Massachusetts  | When: April 6th to April 8th | Host: Penny Arcade, Inc.

By Modest Law

My name is Lawrence Young, I am currently living in Charleston, South Carolina. I am a life long gamer, but I also work in photography, graphic design, and some dabbling in game design through the Valve's Source engine.

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