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Mindless Distruction! Tower of Guns Game Review


The overall look and feel of Tower of Guns is quite campy. They the terrain and surfaces reminded me of that of the original Unreal Tournament or Doom games, simple graphics that imply that it’s simply dangerous to be in the ToG. Even the first-person view of the player brought me back to the very first days of FPS’s where you instinctively looked down to see if you could see your own feet. (No, you can’t see them here either. Authenticity!) While keeping the graphics “simple”, the game still manages to impress you visually with the overall stage designs.

When you don’t have time to look around the rooms, it’s usually due to a screen full of action-packed madness.

Going deeper into the game’s design, the level bosses themselves are also interesting. They are often obnoxiously large, violent-looking, and very destructive. When you blast your way through room after room, you are met with these pretty fun enemies.

The music score for Tower of Guns suits the game quite well. As you would imagine, that music is just that more amped when the bosses appear. Otherwise, music usually maintains a somewhat calm yet energetic beat, unless you’re in a stage whose atmosphere is intentionally depressing.

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