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Mindless Distruction! Tower of Guns Game Review

Gameplay and Story


The meat and potatoes of Tower of Guns for me was not-surprisingly the gun play. As guns level up, they become more destructive and their characteristics upgrade towards the dangerous. Sometimes your gun becomes even so dangerous that they even pose a danger to you. This is where I think the game’s addictive pull resides. You not only find yourself playing over and over again to see the max potential of your gun, but also to unlock other guns and repeat the process with those as well. That experience is then backed up by the unlockable perks which you can either use to make yourself overpowered or to challenge yourself further.

Whacky items and power-ups such as extra mid-air jumps, more damage, more armor and so on further enhance your game play. I don’t think I have to tell you how much a person going by the RFMag handle of “Double-jump” enjoyed collecting and using the mid-air jump power ups. I played endless mode and got to a ridiculous state where I was able to make 8 mid-air jumps. (An Octa-jump, if you will…)

The items you can get range between super-useful and super-strange, which added to the game’s comedic charm. There are many, so I’ll touch on just a few. I picked up a pair of “Goggles do nothing” which in fact, do nothing. (You can’t argue with Simpsons references from back when the show was better.)


The infamous “blue shell” flies forward independently, dealing devastating damage.


This strange cat item thingy made kittens appear… So yeah… Kittens…


The story itself is also random and geared towards humor. A little text window towards the middle-top of the screen appears at the end and beginning of levels. Each story provides you with silly banter explaining in some asinine way who you are and why you’re in the Tower of Guns. Now there’s an option to switch this off if you want to do without story blurbs, since it affects nothing in the actual run-through. But while it’s on, the dialogue progresses independently and during your gameplay.

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By Double-Jump

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