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Mindless Distruction! Tower of Guns Game Review

Additional Comments and Conclusion

I sort of liked the stupid banter of the ridiculous and random stories. I only wished that the game would pause to give you a chance to read it before continuing. Since you have the option to turn off all stories, they could have made the stories freeze gameplay so they you could give them the attention that they get once they appear. Having them play at the top of the screen can be distracting, and if you cared, you would have to stand in a safe corner just for the jokes. This was just a minor nuance I noticed.


Interestingly enough, another snag for me was basic console-gaming resource constraints. The game is so action-packed that there were instances that the amount of enemies on the screen combined with the rain of bullets from both enemies and myself was a bit too much the ol’ Xbone to handle. Noticeable stuttering and some minor freezes occurred during the most outrageous of fights. I can only image that the PS3 and PS4 share this trait as that how it can be when you overload on consoles. Perhaps this is not a problem for PC’s if your gaming rig is up to snuff. This happened occasionally for me at least, especially during endless mode when I reached the 2 hour mark on a single life. I guess the game challenges hardware as it does the actual player.

Those aside, I liked Tower of Guns. It’s a good pick-up-and-play game when you have time to spare or you want to just chill and do something mindless and enjoyable. It’s fast-paced but not so much that you cannot control yourself properly. There’s also PLENTY of explosions for you senseless-destructive types out there. If you like good old-fashioned campy gameplay that can snag you in for an hour or two and still taunts you to come back later, then a payment $14.99 is all that’s stopping you from getting it for Xbox One, PS3, PS4 or PC.

Feel free to check it out for yourself here:


† Tower of Guns download code provided to RFMag for review.

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