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Who needs a console anymore? Gaming is evolving at Google I/O 2012

If you follow my posts on here or on Twitter, you know that I’m extremely passionate about the evolution of gaming. Since I work as a web developer, I get to check out both sides of gaming. I get to ask questions about how things came to be or what limitations are impeding progress. Additionally, you might know that I have been geeking out on the juicy Google I/O coverage this week. In case you may not know, Google I/O is a big developer conference where Google employees and guest speakers show off the latest and greatest in development. This year, their sandbox hosts a slew of gaming names we all know and love. I was pleasantly surprised to see that something that I have been obsessed with was actually used as a demo piece.

In case you aren’t aware of Gaikai and the effect that they may have on consoles, please check out their official site and my past coverage of when I fell in love with them at CES 2012. Or even this article where Gaikai announced that their games would be available via Facebook.

By Dani "GamerGal", Pop Culture Editor

GamerGal, more commonly known as Dani, is a Pop Culture Editor for Royal Flush Magazine. She is a lover of all things gaming. Her favorite game franchises include Resident Evil, Silent Hill, Kingdom Hearts, Halo, Dance Dance Revolution, and Rock Band. When not gaming, she's navigating the dangerous waters of Web Development while having a long lasting love/hate relationship with IE7.