Highlights from Toy Fair 2014

During this year’s Toy Fair, I channeled my inner kid and got a sneak peek at this year’s anticipated toy launches. From figurines to kits, there were a lot of toys to get excited for! If you happen to follow us on Facebook, you might have had a chance to already check out our pictures from the show floor. Today, let’s take a look at some highlights to coincide with the photos from our Facebook Album as well as all the photos from this year’s Toy Fair in case you might have missed them!

Funko Pop Vinyl Toy - Captain America (Toy Fair 2014)

Funko Vinyl Figurines

Tons of new line launches! What you might be on the look out for are figures from Guardians of the Galaxy, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., WWE,  Adventure Time, and Dragonball Z. I could continue to list out all the new releases for Spring 2014 but who am I kidding, there is seriously a Funko series for anyone! Funko is just amazing like that.

For more information about Funko, please visit http://www.funko.com/.


Tamashii Nations - Godzilla Figures (Toy Fair 2014)

Tamashii Nations

Holy shit, did I spend a lot of time at Tamashii Nations! Not only did they have a bunch of anime related figurines but they unveiled the world’s first action figures for Super Mario. This year Tamashii Nations will add new figures to the Mighty Morphing Power Rangers, Dragonball Z and Sailor Moon series. Additionally, in Summer 2014, you should be on the look out for the Godzilla Series.

For more information about Tamashii Nations, please visit http://www.bluefincorp.com/catalog/tamashii-nations.html.

Bandai Power Rangers  (Toy Fair 2014)


At last year’s Comic-Con the Dragon Ball Z scouter was a hot item. During both NYCC and SDCC this year, they sold out relatively quickly and everyone could be spotted wearing them. During this year’s Toy Fair, Bandai highlighted Shokugan, which originally referred to a combination of high quality inexpensive toys that were paired with some form of candy. Nowadays these toys can be found without their candy counterpart and will be available for One Piece, Dragon Ball Z, Monster Hunter, Gundam, Evangelion, Saint Seiya, and Mojibakeru series. But then didn’t stop there, Bandai also showcased Hako Vision: a way to see amazing 3D projections through the use of a smartphone and the Hako Vision box.

For more information about Bandai, please visit http://www.facebook.com/shokugan.usa.

tokidoki Cactus Friends (Toy Fair 2014)


As a fan of tokidoki, it was inevitable that I would find my way over to their booth. During this year’s Toy Fair, tokidoki had no shortage of amazing figurines and plushes.  Be on the look out for new additions to Unicorno, Cactus Friends, Donutella, and Adios. Additionally; if you are a DIY fan, tokidoki will release a DIY Unicorno which is a blank slate for you to create your own Unicorno and comes with three tokidoki branded Sharpies. But it doesn’t end there, tokidoki also showcased some new MLB branded plushies as well as some new apparel, iPhone cases and bags.

For more information about tokidoki, please visit http://www.tokidoki.it.

Kidrobot Marvel Labbit (Toy Fair 2014)


I must confess, I have an obsession with a lot of what Kidrobot releases. At every convention, I succomb to their mystery boxed goodness. This year Kidrobot will be us some awesome Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles tees, Marvel Labbits, ‘Bots Minis, Simpsons and Family Guy figures. Furthermore, if you’re a fan of Kidrobot’s Munny™ series, you can look forward to some new additions to the line. Plus, how could I forget about Megaman™! From apparel to Minis, another of our favorite video game characters get the Kidrobot treatment.

For more information about Kidrobot, please visit http://www.kidrobot.com.

Living Dead Dolls  (Toy Fair 2014)

Living Dead Dolls

During the 111th Toy Fair, I was introduced to Mezco Toyz Living Dead Dolls. The line is a horror doll line created by Ed Long, Damien Glonek, and Michael “Mez” Markowitz. It was during this year’s Toy Fair that the line earned the Guinness World Record for being the world’s longest continually running series of horror themed collectible dolls. Needless to say, the every dolls is amazingly crafted and have spawned a board game, glasswares, school supplies, vinyl mini-figure, Halloween Costumes, and a whole lot more! This year we got a glimpse at a World Record holder as well as some sweet Sons of Anarchy toys.

For more information about Living Dead Dolls, please visit http://www.livingdeaddolls.com/.

MIMOBOT mimoPower  (Toy Fair 2014)


MIMOBOT always amazes me with their ability mesh tech with art. Each and every USB drive is a work of art so when MIMOBOT announced their Kickstarter for mimoPower, we were all in. mimoPower simply refers to a line of character-based rechargeable battery devices that help keep your smartphones, tablets and mobile devices powered while away from an outlet. The mimoPower line sounds perfect for those that love to stand out but hate losing power.

For more information about MIMOBOT, please visit http://www.mimoco.com/mimobot-flash-drives/.

Makerbot  (Toy Fair 2014)


Makerbot appears to be everywhere these days and the Toy Fair was no exception. Brooklyn-born Makerbot brings 3D printing to the masses. You can either create your own 3D print or browse through the Thingieverse to find something to print. With printers for varying budgets, Makerbot can help kindle that 3D printing spark within adults and kids alike. However, if you feel that the printers might be a bit out of your price range then maybe you could check out one of their various apps where you can still create, share, sell or buy your 3D creations.

For more information about Makerbot, please visit http://www.makerbot.com/.

Halo 4 Todd McFarlane Statue  (Toy Fair 2014)

McFarlane Toys

Jawdropping toys were found at the McFarlane booth! This year McFarlane Toys announced additions to their Halo series as well as WWE Icons Resin Statues and The Walking Dead™ Comic Series 3 & action figures. Additionally, if you are a die-hard McFarlane fan then the Collector’s Club might be worth a look. The Collector’s Club is a free membership where you can gain access to high-end resin pieces that are limited edition, sequentially numbered as well as contain a signed letter of authenticity from Todd McFarlane.

For more information about McFarlane Toys, please visit http://www.mcfarlanetoysstore.com.

GoldieBlox  (Toy Fair 2014)


Let’s place GoldieBlox in the “Why wasn’t this around when I was growing up” category. GoldieBlox is a construction set geared towards girls. Sets with accompanying books focus around Goldie and her friends who go around on adventures and solve problems using items contained within the construction set. Ultimately, GoldieBlox appears to be the perfect vehicle to inspire more girls to pursue a career in engineering or science.

For more information about GoldieBlox, please visit http://www.goldieblox.com/.

Point Pong  (Toy Fair 2014)

Point Pong

Amongst aisles filled with kids toys, Point Pong stood out. It’s concept is simple, it’s a portable beer pong set up. Genius, right?

Have you ever played a game of Beer Pong and in the middle of the game the cups got blown off the table? Maybe liquid spilled all over the place? Well, that won’t happen with Point Pong. Each cup is recessed into its own holder keeping the cups secure and stable. Point Pong eliminates you from having to drag out a heavy table, take a door off its hinges, or find something else to play on.

For more information about Point Pong, please visit http://www.pointpong.com/.

TheO Smartball  (Toy Fair 2014)

TheO™ Smartball

Children nowadays are spending their time playing on iPhones and iPads more often than anyone could count. TheO Smartball helps get kids into playing real world games with their iDevices. Can you believe that TheO Smartball safely houses your device while your kids roll, toss, bounce, and shake their way through various real-world activities like bowling or Hot Potato.

For more information about TheO Smartball, please visit http://physicalapps.com/.