Holiday Gift Guide 2012 – Minimal Ghost’s Picks

Minimal Ghost, or Eric to his non-digital acquaintances is a New York native, aspiring developer and journalist interested in all aspects of the industry; when not toiling away on his latest prototype he can be found attempting to make his eyes bleed from prolonged gaming sessions or at the local bar arguing about the practical applications of a light-saber in daily life.

» Minimal Ghost shares his picks for this holiday season.

Boss Black LeatherPlus Executive Chair

Perfect for your home office or PC gaming station, this little number offers a keen blend of luxurious comfort and long-lasting durability with a price tag that won’t result in self-defenestration. A chair that looks as good as it feels, while “LeatherPlus” may sound like a hokey non-feature it’s surprisingly soft with good lumbar support and very resistant to tearing. I spend an inordinate amount of time at my computer and using this chair leaves me with barely a dull ache after hours of sitting. If you value the well being of their spine and posture, I would recommend this chair to the computer geek in your life.

Available from Amazon.

A Game of Thrones: The Board Game Second Edition
By Fantasy Flight Games

Whether delving into the books or enjoying the sensational HBO series, if you love George R.R. Martins fantasy epic the way I do this is a must have. Think of a more deeply involved Risk with a focus on strategic thinking over the simple luck of dice-roll combat; natural resources, hostages, terrain and more all meld into a cohesive experience that might be the most fun I’ve had with cardboard bits since I was five. The six available houses to play are asymmetrically balanced with each having its own strengths and weaknesses that offer different flavors of play-style. With political intrigue, secret alliances between players and the subsequent backstabbing that takes place, the game does a magnificent job of emulating the atmosphere of the series. As you might imagine, the accompanying rule-set takes its cues from the source material which means a fairly steep learning curve. With that in mind, after a few practice runs and rule book re-reads it all starts to click and the fun of treachery amongst friends can really begin.

Available from Amazon.

Dishonored (PC, Xbox 360, PS3)
By Arkane Studios
Dishonored was one of the finer standout hits from this year, a masterpiece combining multiple genres with freeform game play to brilliant effect. All that is required of your gift giving target is that they enjoy first person perspective games; the rest will take care of itself. Want stealth action? Check. Is shooting more you thing? Check. Looking for a plethora of incredibly badass, super-cool weapons and abilities ala Bio Shock? Triple check. Enjoy a good revenge story set in a stunningly immersive steam-punk whaling city? Who doesn’t? This holiday season give your loved one the tools of true freedom in their violent digital merrymaking.

Available from Amazon.

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