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Holiday Gift Guide 2014

Royal Flush Magazine’s Holiday Gift Guide is finally live! We have a few hidden gems here and there but there’s definitely something for everyone here! We’re continuing our Secret Santa tradition, and encourage everyone to check it out right here!

Holiday Gift Guide - Toys, Music & More

Holiday Gift Guide 2014
MinimalGhost Recommendation

Dragonborn & Nightingale Statues

Even though Skyrim was released almost four years ago by now, it’s still a titan of a game and one of my favorites of all time. Bethesda has a ton of great statues over at their store from their different properties, but the best by far are their Dovahkiin Dragon Priest statues. If you were more of a Thieves Guild type, there’s also a pretty killer Nightingale Statue available for pre-order at the moment. Regardless of which calls to you, any Dragonborn worth their salt would kill to have either of these beauties (or both!) sitting on their desk, even at the high price point they’re quality pieces and a great addition to anyones Tamriel collection.

Click here to learn more about the Dragonborn Statue!

Click here to learn more about the Nightingale Statue!

GamerGal Recommendation
GamerGal Recommendation

Funko Pop! Figurines

Which an unbelievably HUGE product line, it’s possible to find a figurine for anyone! Funko has released Pop Vinyls of famous movies, TV shows as well as video games, to name a few, and tons of new releases this year alone. With each figurine costing less than $20, it’s impossible to just pass over Funko this year.

Click here to find a store near you which carries Funko Pop! Figurines!

GamerGal Recommendation
GamerGal Recommendation

JAKKS Pacific Nintendo Figurines

JAKKS Pacific has a bunch of Nintendo licensed figurines newly available. These are the perfect gift for Nintendo fans that would love the opportunity to show off their devotion. A few figurines are available via Toys R Us in a price range that will not break the bank.

Click here to learn more!

Plus, did you know that you could enter to win one right now?!

GamerGal Recommendation

Loot Crate

Loot Crate is the perfect choice for anyone that love comics, gaming, and toys! With unique monthly themes and an active online community, Loot Crate keeps getting better and better. At less than $20 a month it’s mother-freaking Christmas in a box—EVERY MONTH! With Loot Crate Gift Cards, you are now able to give the gift of geek to friends and family this holiday season.

Click here to learn more!

Plus, did you know that you could enter to win this month’s themed crate right now?!

Lil Nubi Recommendation
Lil Nubi Recommendation

Psychostick “Revenge of the Vengeance”

The Knuckleheads in Chicago are at it again! Psychostick is back with what many are saying is their best album to date. “Revenge of the Vengeance” once again packs the comedic gold of a Weird Al album with the hard hitting, in your face attitude of Pantera. Humorcore is a real thing if you don’t already know. The album cohesively runs as if it’s a super campy, B film that is an instant cult classic. 21 tracks of face-melting, vomit inducing glory that you will be passing off from friend to friend, enemy to enemy, you’ll be making copies of this for your grandparents it’s that good. If you’re a fan of metal, and your a fan of laughing, you are already a fan of Psychostick. For those of you with Sirius/XM Radio you’ve already heard their newest single “NSFW” which is just that…not safe for work. DO NOT LISTEN TO IF YOU’RE AT WORK – Unless you are lucky enough to work in the Flush offices where this music is not only allowed, it’s encouraged! What’s even better is that the guys in Psychostick have put together an incredibly bundle for one lucky Royal Flush reader. One lucky winner will win all the contents pictured! This is Christmas all in itself! Oh..and Hanukkah to if you’re into that kind of stuff. If you aren’t the lucky winner, you should still but yourself a copy of “Revenge of the Vengeance” if you haven’t already.

Visit to learn more!

Click here to buy the album!

Plus, did you know that you could enter to win the prize pack right now?!

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