HyperX Gets Cozy During CES 2023 with Exclusive HX3D Keycaps

If you’ve ever found yourself in the custom keyboard realm of TikTok, you might have encountered some really neat-looking keyboards. A wide variety of colors, finishes, switches, and keycaps set these custom keyboards apart from others. The custom keycaps can feature a person’s favorite color or even in-game icons. And with more people entering some sort of hybrid work, I’ve noticed an uptick in folks sharing their personalized setups which go beyond lighting.

HyperX HX3D | CES 2023

During CES 2023, HyperX gave us a sneak peek of their upcoming HX3D Custom Keycaps line. They are launching a line of durable, full-color 3D printed keycaps that let you customize your mechanical gaming keyboard to match your personal style. They will be compatible with HyperX and most mechanical gaming keyboards. Each HX3D Keycap will be a limited edition collectible. So once a design is sold out, it’s gone forever! HyperX will have new keycaps available every month with new collaborations and designs dropping.

So let’s check out the very first HX3D drop: Coco the Cozy Cat!

Coco the Cozy Cat was selected by HyperX fans and features a cute cat decked out in its coziest winter gear. Check out the video below to see Coco in action.

Source: HyperX HX3D Website

The Cozy Cat HX3D Keycap drop will begin on January 26th at 9 am PST and will only be available for 48 hours or until supplies last. Be sure to check out their official website, HX3D, for additional details.