What’s Yo Name Playa?
Kat E.

And Yo Age?

Legal, Good.  Now I Can Ask This Question:  Cup Size?
Nothing to B-rag about.

Nothing Wrong With That!  So You’re A Model Eh?
Yes.  Mostly promotional work, part gamer model, and all kick ass. 🙂

You Can Kick My Ass Any Day.  How Long Have You Been Doing It?
I started modeling when I was younger, lost interest, and started back up again a few years ago.

Welcome Back.  What Got You Into Modeling With Video Game Themes?
It just made since to combine talents and interests.  Plus, I’ll never get bored with it.

Alright, So You’re A Gamer. What’s Currently In Your SeXbox?
Gears of War 2.  I can’t get enough of it.

Any Games You’re Looking Forward Too?
Right now, I’m mainly excited about Mass Effect 2 and Bioshock 2.  They’re both amazing in-depth games that have wonderful worlds to explore and battle in.

We Here At Royal Flush Have Plenty For You To Explore.  What’s Your Gamertag For All Of Those Crazy Kids Who Are Willing To Challenge You To The Death?
BlitzedOutKat Going to go easy of them?
Mercy for no one!  Actually, I’m too laid back to be overly competitive.  However, If they’re an asshole they may get my full force.

You Don’t Have To Take It Easy On Me…No Really, You Don’t.  Anything you’d like to add before you’re put high on the Royal Flush Pedestal Of Greatness?
Sure.  I will shamelessly plug the Charisma +2 2009 calendar, that’s now only 10 bucks.

They can be signed by myself or any of the other lovely ladies featured in it.  You have to use the following link for the special price though:

To contact her about modeling email her at

She is a great and a wonderful model so you really should check her out!

If you’re up for a challenge feel free to add me on on Xbox Live.  My tag is Gr0upTh3rapy and I’m on PS3 as LilNubi.  Follow me on Twitter at or on Myspace at  Want to be part of the next Indie Interrogation?  Shoot an email to LilNubi@RoyalFlushMagazine.Com and maybe we can make some magic happen!