Indie Interrogation: Kids of 88

New Zealand has done it again.  Kids of 88 are golden.  Jordan Arts and Sam McCarthy are Kids of 88, an electronic kickback to the New Wave era of music.  Its a nice change from the pussy induced rock I’ve been listening to lately.  Their name stemming from the fact that both members were born in 88, so it only made sense for their band to be named Kids of 88.

“My House” was the duos first single.  It landed in the Top 10 in New Zealand.  Their eclectic sound made their way across a all the way to the great country of The United States where Sony was able to sign them.  Their diverse sound has enabled the band to open for the likes of Ke$ha, Passion Pit and even the Scissor Sisters.

The Electro/Pop duo released their first album “Sugarpills” in August of 2010, touring the States in early 2011.  They’re currently opening for Ke$ha on her European leg of her tour.

This IS A PARTY BAND, no bones about it.  If you want a good time, if you’re looking to make a new party mix, if you like to have fun then this is the band for you.  I wouldn’t lie, I mean I would but I’m not this time.  Got it? Good.  Listen to their music and check out their upcoming tour dates at

The next time they’re in the area, I’ll be sure to give you guys a full concert review.  Keep your eyes open for it kiddies!