Indie Interrogation: Meet mr. e!

Finally, it is here!  The interview everybody has been waiting months for! Literally, it has taken me months to get this up and running.  My fault completely, but none-the-less, it is here!  Feast your eyes on the wonderful world of mr. e!

Why do you go by mr. e?  Are you doing this to avoid any paparazzi your
celebrity status will get you?  Are you ashamed of your books and artwork
and fear that if people really knew who you were they would leave dead
animals and flaming bags of shit on your doorstep?  You just trying to
avoid paying taxes?

e is just easier for me to spell than my actual name, and I don’t want the IRS sending me any more flaming animals.”

You humor is witty, but not over the top.  I actually laugh out loud, but
it isn’t a smack in the face with the humor stick.  Do you intentionally
create jokes that are more subtle, or are these just how they generally come

“I really enjoy subtlety.  I think it makes everything funnier.”

After reading “Twenty Tiny Tales” and “Poetic Justice,” would you consider
yourself a modern Shel Silverstein? Your poems are intended for children,
but much like Silverstein’s poems they can be more appreciated by adults.

“I consider myself a fan of Shel’s, I’ve always loved his formula.  I’m also a fan of Gary Larson and Dr. Suess.  I don’t mind being compared to any of the, but modern?!  That’s where I draw the line.”

“Pencil-Necked Greeks” was a wonderful tale about some of our favorite
characters in Greek Mythology.  My favorite part was that I could start and
finish the book in between red lights driving around Jersey.  Are you
interested in writing about other religious deity’s?  Romans, Egyptians
maybe even the Norse Gods?

“I do have a book called ‘Straight From the Norse’s Mouth’ in the works.  It is about a Viking who travels to modern times and becomes lead singer of a European Power Metal band.  Actually that’s a lie.  I just thought it sounded better than ‘no.’”

How many books do you currently have in print that are available to the

“I’ve done 7 books in small runs, 2 Casual Fur Day collections, “Pencil-Necked Greeks,” “The Absurd World of mr.e: It’s All in His Head”, and the 3 Childish Books, “Almost Twenty Tiny Tales,” “Poetic Justice,” and “Rhyme or Reason.”  Most books are available only at local book stores, however people can visitCasualFurDay.comto keep up, and can e-mail me from there if they want a book.  I’m currently looking for publishers to make my Childish Books available to the masses.”

What’s next for Mr. E?  Another children’s book?  More comics?

“Childish books are the way I want to go.  I’ve done webcomics for about 5 years (updated weekly and landed a couple of magazine gigs, but it was all leading up to this.  These Childish Books make me feel like I’m nine again.  You know, that age before you have bills and responsibilities and start developing and phobias.”

How would one come in contact with Mr. E? Your books would make great
stocking stuffers for the upcoming holiday season, how would someone
purchase one of your amazing books and triumphant tales?

“Again, hit the site, there are links to E-mail, Facebook, Twitter, etc.  I make time for anyone who contacts me.”

Before you are cemented into the Royal Flush archives on
RoyalFlushMagazine.Com, you have anything left to say?  You have to speak
now because I don’t want to have to update this later…

“I’m always working on something.  I’ve done animated music videos, webcomics, humorous poetry, paintings…you name it.  I’m always anxious to communicate with my audience.  I got an email from a fan a few years back who was interested in collaborating.  That fan was TheAllKnowingHead, a regular contributor to CasualFurDay for years now.  We developed a great friendship.  I’d love to hear from anyone who visits the site.

Publishers, I’ve got several children’s books ready to go, talk to me!”.