CES 2018 – Introducing Cauldryn™ Fyre™ + Google Assistant

During CES 2018, I was introduced to Cauldryn™; a beverage bottle that features a modular design which increases its utility.  Available in two different models, the Cauldryn™ Fyre™ and Cauldryn™ Fyre™ Mobile, both offer a 16-ounce, stainless steel, vacuum-insulated bottle with lid and the revolutionary Fyre™ heating element. The Cauldryn™ Fyre™ Mobile model includes Cauldryn’s proprietary rechargeable battery.  The Cauldryn™ is designed to boil or brew liquids as well as maintain them at a YOUR selected temperature ALL DAY.

CES 2018

The Fyre™ heating element attaches to the bottle and has four different heat settings—Hot, Extra Hot, Brew, and Boil, allowing the contents to reach up to 212 degrees. The Fyre™ heating element can also run directly from either an AC or DC power source using the included AC base or optional DC base for an unlimited boil, brew, high heat, or drink cycles that offers circuitry protection from over current, short circuit, overcharge, over discharge.

“With Cauldryn™, users will never have to worry about their hot beverages getting cold again. The insulated mug lets your beverage cool to your selected temperature and then keeps it there all day. You can even use Cauldryn to brew your beverages, cook, or boil liquids,”
Stated Jason Shinn, Managing Partner at Number 6 Brands, the parent company of Cauldryn™

CES 2018: Cauldryn

Announced at CES, Cauldryn™ Fyre™ is partnering with Google Assistant to add voice activation capabilities. This will allow users to tell their bottle when to turn on and off, as well as what temperature you’d like your hot beverage.

“Whether you’re boiling water or keeping your coffee hot, Google Assistant will now allow you to control the temperature settings of your bottle’s contents through voice-activated assistance,”
Jason Shinn, managing partner at Number 6 Brands, the parent company of Cauldryn™

Available add-on accessories for Fall 2018 include:

  • Percolator that will allow users to brew coffee right in the bottle
  • Blender base for the bottom of the bottle with One speed (On/Off) and a pulse function that will allow users to grind coffee
  • Lantern that includes multiple brightness settings and detachable integrated bug zapper
  • Bluetooth Speaker Base providing a woofer base structure with four speakers pointing out from around the unit

†Source: Press Release

About Cauldryn

The Cauldryn Fyre system will forever change the way you consume hot beverages. Using its revolutionary Fyre heating element, you now have the power to boil or brew liquids and maintain your favorite temperature all day with just the click of a button. The rechargeable battery is the only power you need to bring 320 F, liquid water to boil. With Cauldryn, a boil is just a click away.